7 Fuegos - A Cooking Lesson With a World Class Chef

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A technique refined over a century of gaucho and European migrant history, Siete Fuegos, or seven fires, describes Francis Mallmann's open-flame cooking techniques to prepare delicious steak. Ask our local travel experts to get you a one-on-one cooking lesson in the delicate art of this distinctly frontier cuisine. The class will also include an in-depth crash course in meat cutting, preparation and marinades. Remember that this is one of the finest quality beef and lamb in the whole world, and these master-chefs accord it the respect it deserves. You will come away a master of the Argentine open-flame, a skill you can then use to dazzle folks back home. 

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Argentina - North Patagonia: Argentina's Food Destination
North Patagonia: Argentina's Food Destination
Northern Patagonia, for over a century, has been the most rugged and remote part of Argentina (and Chile), the place where a handful of pioneers quietly lived a Wild West existence. Ebullient rainforest, scrubby steppe and unclimbed peaks crowd the skyline, but the quintessence of this place is water, from the clear cascading rivers to the turquoise lakes, massive glaciers and labyrinthine fjords. And with so much Wild West grittiness, it is only obvious that the food served up here would match it. True to the frontier-style of food preparation, this is without a doubt the country's culinary landmark famous for it's delicious lamb and steak. For anyone who loves prime meat, along with a healthy serving of farm-fresh veggies and produce, Northern Patagonia is the place to visit.
Argentina - The High Altitude Anthropology Museum: Learn All About the Ancient Incas
The High Altitude Anthropology Museum: Learn All About the Ancient Incas
Salta is home to a great anthropology museum, the MAAM (Museo de Antropologia de Alta Montaña), considered to be the most important museum of Northern Argentina. This avant-garde High Altitude Archeology Museum up in the Andes will take you through a fantastic exhibition of Inca artefacts, including 3 mummies that were unearthed in the year 1999. It was a controversial decision to display the bodies and it is a powerful experience to come face-to-face with them. There are also the illas (small votive figurines of animals and humans), made of silver, gold, shell and onyx, and many are clothed in textiles. Also exhibited is the ‘Reina del Cerro,’ a tomb-robbed mummy that ended up here. Good videos provide a brief glimpse of the past, on the sacrifices and on the Qhapaq Ñan, the Inca road system which was given UNESCO status in 2014. 
Argentina - Los Glacieres: Perito Moreno, the Largest Ice Cap Outside of Greenland and Antartica
Los Glacieres: Perito Moreno, the Largest Ice Cap Outside of Greenland and Antartica
Among one of Earth’s most dynamic and accessible ice fields, Glaciar Perito Moreno is the stunning centerpiece of the southern sector of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. It is 19 miles long, 3 miles wide and 196 feet high, but what makes it exceptional in the world of ice is its constant growth and advance – it creeps forward up to 2m per day, causing building-sized icebergs to calve from its face. The 600-sq-m trough of Lago Argentino, the country’s largest body of water, is evidence that glaciers were once far more extensive than today, but in a world of global warming, this is nothing short of a miracle. The glaciers' cycle of constant movement presents an ever-changing display of cracking ice, thundering booms, and enormous splashes. Sail up to its face in your private boat and witness nature at its grandest best in the towering, yet fragile, face of this icy marvel.  
Argentina - El Calafate City: Discover the Cultural Beauty of Los Glaciares
El Calafate City: Discover the Cultural Beauty of Los Glaciares
Named for the berry that, once consumed, ensures your return to Patagonia, El Calafate is a place that will get you addicted with another enticing attraction: Glaciar Perito Moreno, 80km away in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. The glacier is a magnificent must-see, but its huge popularity has encouraged growth and rapid upscaling in once-quaint El Calafate City, making it an awesome stop-off experience that must be included in any Los Glaciares excursion. El Calafate flanks the southern shore of Lago Argentino, and is dotted with knotted-pine souvenir shops, chocolate shops, restaurants and tour offices. It was also the scene of the World Altitude Glider Championships.  
Argentina - Cycle Through Vineyards With Magnificent Views Of The Andes
Cycle Through Vineyards With Magnificent Views Of The Andes
The Andes consist of a vast series of exceedingly high plateaus surmounted by even higher peaks that form an unbroken rampart over a distance of some 5500 miles from the southern tip of South America to the continent’s northernmost coast on the Caribbean. They separate a narrow western coastal area from the rest of the continent, deeply affecting the conditions of life within the ranges themselves and in surrounding areas, including giving birth to some of the finest vineyards in the world. Bike through the vineyards and visit outstanding Bodegas in the area of the Colchagua Valley and Maipo Valleys, all with stunning views of the Andes.
Argentina - Buenos Aires Nightlife: Theatres, Bars and Fine Dining
Buenos Aires Nightlife: Theatres, Bars and Fine Dining
New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Buenos Aires is a lot more notorious as one of the world’s top cities when it comes to 24-hour partying. Many of the best things about this fascinating city happen after dark, and nighttime activities play a key role in the lives of porteños (people who live in a port city). Whether it is Floreria Atlantico at Recoleta, or Bar Isabel in the neighbourhood of Palermo Soho, these and a hundred other bars, fine-dining restaurants and clubs are where things come alive right into the wee hours. A few things to know: It’s acceptable to go for dinner at 1 a.m., after taking in a theater show on Avenida Corrientes; it’s not abnormal to go for an ice cream with your grandma at midnight on a Tuesday(for real); and it’s not normal to go before 11 p.m. to a bar (you get the picture). 
Argentina - Horseback Adventure in Argentina: Ranches, Barbecues and Wetlands
Horseback Adventure in Argentina: Ranches, Barbecues and Wetlands
Explore Argentina's awesome countryside with vast expanses of land covered with estancias (ranches) that provides a glimpse into the rural traditions. Some of the ranches you can visit here are the Estancia Los Dos Hermanos, Candelaria del Monte, Estancia Villa Maria, Chascomús, Estancia Santa Susana and Estancia La Bamba. Enjoy horseback rides over the stunning landscapes, from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, the Corrientes and Patagonia. Learn how the Argentinian cowboys cook their barbecues as a part of the immersion into their lifestyles. One such spectacular horseback adventure is riding through the protected wetlands of Iberá (considered to be the Okavango of South America and very similar to the Pantanal of Brazil); visit Misiones with its famous Jesuit ruins, and what is the highlight for many visitors to Argentina – the Iguazú Falls.
Argentina - Patagonia: Hiking Adventures Through Patagonia
Patagonia: Hiking Adventures Through Patagonia
The south of Chile and Argentina is on every serious hiker’s bucket list. The medley of ragged mountains crowned with glaciers and sparkling waterfalls, scrublands dotted with pale glacial lakes, flowering meadows, marshlands, and windblown cliffs that skirt the Magellan Strait present countless opportunities for exploration on foot. From day hikes to a week-long trek around Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia offers a series of options for day hikes and treks through impressive landscapes and views. Visit the national parks of Torres del Paine and Los Glacierers and enjoy tailor made adventures through trails across the regions.
Argentina - The Wine Valleys of Mendoza: Taste Award Winning Wines With Andean Views
The Wine Valleys of Mendoza: Taste Award Winning Wines With Andean Views
A bustling city of wide, leafy avenues, atmospheric plazas and cosmopolitan cafes, Mendoza will snare you with charm and laid-back pace, and if you’ve naively given it a day or two on your itinerary, you’re likely change that. Apparently, it’s a desert town, though you might easily be decieved – acequias (irrigation ditches) run beside the roads and glorious fountains adorn the plazas. Tremendously alive during the day, the city really exposes it's true nature at night, when the bars and restaurants along Av Arístides overflow onto the sidewalks. The name Mendoza is synonymous with one thing: wine, and this is the place for touring the vineyards, taking a few dozen bottles home or just searching for that rare nice vintage to accompany the evening’s fine dining. The city’s wide range of tour operators also makes it a great place to organize rafting, skiing and other adventures in the nearby Andes.
Argentina - Salta - Visit The Cradle Of Argentinian Folk Culture
Salta - Visit The Cradle Of Argentinian Folk Culture
Cosmopolitan Salta is a favorite for engaging active minds with its exceptional museums and plaza-side cafes and the live música folklórica in its vibrant peñas (folk music clubs). It offers the facilities of a larger city, and yet retains the comfortable rhythm of a smaller town that happens to have preserved more colonial architecture than most Argentine destinations. Founded in 1582, it’s now the most sought after city by travelers to northwest Argentina, and provides numerous accommodation choices. The center bristles with tour operators: this is the place to get things organized and arranged for onward travel. A popular choice is to hire a car here, hit the road and explore the wild northwest.
Argentina - Bariloche - Argentina's Stunning Adventure Destination
Bariloche - Argentina's Stunning Adventure Destination
Suspended out along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, in the middle of the national park of the same name, Bariloche (formally San Carlos de Bariloche) has one of the most attractive settings concievable. This, intertwined with a wealth of summer and winter activities in the surrounding countryside, as well the production of Argentina's best chocolate, has helped it become the Lake District’s primary destinations. The sky high peaks of Cerros Catedral, López, Nireco and Shaihuenque, all well above 6500 ft high, ring the town, providing postcard perfect views in almost every direction. These mountains aren’t just for gazing, though; excellent snow coverage sometimes exceeding 6 feet at the end of the season, makes this a winter la la land, and a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. In summertime, the nature buffs take over, hitting the hills to climb, hike trails, fish for trout and ride mountain bikes and horses.
Argentina - Ski The Slopes Of Las Leñas, Argentina's Best Skiing Destination
Ski The Slopes Of Las Leñas, Argentina's Best Skiing Destination
This is a huge mountain with some of the best off-piste skiing on the continent. Consider it as the Aspen of Argentina; inspite of its old lifts, Las Leñas is the most prestigious ski resort in the country. Since its opening in 1983, it has garnered the attention of an international clientele, who spend their days and time on the slopes and the nights partying until the moon goes down. Las Leñas is 280 miles south of Mendoza and 44 miles from Malargüe.
Argentina - Buenos Aires: Experience Argentina's Capital City
Buenos Aires: Experience Argentina's Capital City
Elegant yet raw, Buenos Aires is two cities in one: what makes Argentina's capital so intriguing is its dual heritage - part European, part Latin American. Plaza de Mayos is similar to grand square in Madrid, and the ornate Teatro Colón would not be out of place in Vienna. But you’ll realize you’re in South America when you find leather shoes for sale on cobbled streets and extempore parades of victorious football fans. Exquisite limited production wines, mouth-watering steaks and ice cream in numerous flavors are amongst the old-world imports the city has improved on. Enjoy sizzling food, tango the night away, shop around at flea markes, or tour through the city's animated neighborhoods. Your Argentina adventure would be incomplete without a visit to this beautiful city.
Argentina - The Miniature Lenga Forest: Camping in Los Glaciares National Park
The Miniature Lenga Forest: Camping in Los Glaciares National Park
The most common member of the southern beech family is the lenga (Nothofagus pumilio) in the forests of the Patagonia National Park project. The Magellanic subantarctic forests display an unexplainable beauty, and In the region of Punta Arenas, they consist almost entirely of one species, the Lenga, a deciduous tree proudly covering the southernmost forests of the world. The lenga trees are typically found in cold climates with excessive snow. When left alone, they can grow to tremendous dimensions, and even the relatively young trees and managed forests have these ancient centuries-old look about them, thanks to the vast growth of ‘Old Man’s Beard’. A collection of these beauties turns forests into a surreal Lord of the Rings-style ancient natural cathedrals in no time, with the foliage draped over the branches and hanging down from the trunks, covering the whole forest in a green furry coat.
Argentina - Cerro Torres: Camping In The Unspoiled Beauty of Patagonia
Cerro Torres: Camping In The Unspoiled Beauty of Patagonia
Picnic or camp out in the lap of Patagonia’'s lush nature with a magnificent view of Cerro Torre’s's beautiful lakes and hanging glaciers. This contoversial peak lies in the disputed territory between Argentina and Chile. Hardened mountaineers will, of course, prefer to climb this mountain, but for the rest of us, a camping experience in its astoundingly beautiful shadow can, in itself, make for an experience of a lifetime.
Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina, Hiking
Quebrada de Humahuaca - Hike One of Argentina's Most Vivid Landscapes
The unforgettable Quebrada de Humahuaca snakes north toward Bolivia; this vivid landscape is a beautiful melange of dry and river-scoured canyons overlooked by mountains whose sedimentary strata have been eroded into splendidly scalloped formations exposing a spectrum of colors in undulating waves. The palette of this World Heritage–listed valley changes frequently from shades of creamy white to rich, deep reds; the rock formations in places recall a necklace of sharks’ teeth, in others the knobby backbone of some unspeakable beast. Spread across the valley are picturesque, indigenous towns offering a fine variety of places to stay, plus historic adobe churches, handicrafts and homey restaurants serving warming locro and llama fillets. All of Argentina's pre & post-Columbian history and culture seems to be packed here It's no surprise that the region has experienced a tourism boom in recent years, but it still remains an under-the-radar world-class destination.
Argentina - Asado - Learn How to Cook Barbecue, Argentina-Style
Asado - Learn How to Cook Barbecue, Argentina-Style
Get a taste of the true Argentina as you sample an authentic Asado (barbecue) in a tradition Estancia, paired with some of the world's finest wines. Learn the intricate art of gaucho-cooking, including an in-depth knowledge of meats, their cuts and  how to get that perfect fall-of-the-bone tenderness. Go home an expert.
Argentina - Argentina's Iguazú Falls - The Largest Series Of Waterfalls In The World
Argentina's Iguazú Falls - The Largest Series Of Waterfalls In The World
Straddling the border of Brazil and Argentina and surrounded by lush forests and teeming wildlife, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers unparalleled views of awe-inspiring waterfalls (not to mention that it is also voted one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, if you really needed more reasons to visit). It is located in the Iguazu National Park, in the northern province of Misiones, and is the largest system of waterfalls in the world. If you can, cross over the border into Brazil and view an entirely different perspective of this grand spectacle of nature.

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