The Historic Town of Paro

Paro Bhutan Paro Bhutan

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Surrounded by rice fields and valleys, Paro is an incredible historic town, showcasing all of Bhutan's beauty in one small piece of real estate. Enjoy clean air, mountanous landscapes, museums showcasing Bhutanese history, monasteries, and the Paro Tsechu (festival of masks).

More Highlights

Buddha Point Bhutan
Enjoy Spectacular views from the sacred Buddha Point
Kuensel Phodrang, commonly known as Buddha Point, is a marvellous statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha, located deep in the mountains of Bhutan. The statue sits over and around one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues. The spectacular views of Thimphu Valley from here are worth the trip alone.
Bhutan - Tigers Nest - The Monastery on a cliff
Tigers Nest - The Monastery on a cliff
Trek up to the Taktsang Palphug Monastery, a marvelous construction of great architectural worth, perched rather delicately on a cliff-edge in the upper side of Paro valley. The path leading to the monastery makes for a magnificent trek, suitable for the whole family, and beautifully studded with vast regions of fragrant pine forests.
Phobjika Valley Bhutan
Bhutan's Exotic Phobjikha Valley
Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan is a vast area of lush marshland, famous for its scenic splendour, cultural uniqueness, rich biodiversity and prolific wildlife. Also known as the Gangteng Valley, named after the Gangteng Monaestry, it is home to wild horses, the rare black-necked cranes and other indie exotic fauna.
Tsechu Festival Bhutan
Experience a Tscechu - A traditional Buddhist festival
One of Bhutan's most endearing highlights is its love of Buddhist festivals (tsechus), held in the capital city on auspicious days right through the year, based on the slightly confusing lunar calendar (be sure to check with your experts on actual dates; they cover almost all travel months). Enjoy energetic dance performances by trained monks and laymen in elaborate masks and costumes. A visual treat that will spike your Instagram cred.
Bhutan - Practice your Archery skills in Paro
Practice your Archery skills in Paro
Catch a traditional archery game in the Paro, and try your hand at marksmanship with an instructor. Archery is a tradition, one of the most popular pastimes, and it also happens to be the national sport of Bhutan. A perfect outing for any adventurous family.
Bhutan - Explore the Ancient Buddhist Sites of Bumthang Valley
Explore the Ancient Buddhist Sites of Bumthang Valley
Full of ancient Buddhist sites, the Bumthang Valley is Bhutan's most sacred and spiritual location. Enjoy tours of the oldest Bhutanese temples, and take nature hikes with the family across the stunning valley.
Haa Valley Bhutan
The Pristine Beauty of Haa Valley
Experience the virgin beauty of Bhutan's Haa Valley! Perfect for any adventurer, trekker and biker, this valley is home to the famous White and Black temples, the unique Shekhar Drak-an temple, the Chele La Pass, and the Dobji Dzong, a five-story hilltop fortress.
Thimphu Weekend Market
The Weekend Market: A private tour of Thimpu's gems
Take an early morning private tour of the colourful weekend market, where you can buy hand-woven silks, singing bowls, and traditional masks. Enjoy the wonders of Thimpu's famous landmarks (note the unique fact that this is a city without any traffic lights!).
Bhutan - Explore Traditional Bhutanese culture in Punakha Dzong
Explore Traditional Bhutanese culture in Punakha Dzong
The second largest Dzong in Bhutan, Punakha Dzong is considered the most beautiful and majestic. Located between two rivers, Punakha Dzong is attached to the mainland by an arched wooden bridge. You will be in for a treat if you visit in spring: the landscape erupts in a profusion of lilac-colored jacaranda trees.
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