Argentina Travel: Best Street Foods in Argentina

Unlike other nations, Argentina’s food culture is all about sharing a good meal with your family and friends; you’d find fewer people having a snack all by themselves on the street. But that does not mean you can’t grab a bite while on the move. 

To get you started, connect with an Argentinian travel expert who will be able to assist you in planning your culinary journey across this vast country. While you’re at it, here are a handful of suggestions picked by our local experts to weave into your larger itinerary in order to make this a memorable and well-rounded Argentina experience. Meanwhile, take a look at our list of the best street foods you can lay your hands on in this beautiful South American nation:

1) Choripan

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Choripan,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

Endearingly referred to as “Chori”, the Choripan is the premier street food by popular demand in Argentina. This sandwich comprises 30% pork and 70% beef minced together as a chorizo (sausage). It is grilled, seasoned and served usually with chimichurri sauce.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Choripan,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

If you’re in Buenos Aires, then you can chow down on one of these (a distant cousin of the hotdog or half-foot South American subway) on Costanera Sur near the local airport Jorge Newbery: some of the best Choripans street-food stands are located there.

2) Empanadas :

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Empanadas,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

This savory pastry is a typical Argentinian delicacy that you can find anywhere, including on every restaurant menu in Argentina. For those in a hurry, this is also popular on-the-fly option available at most fast food eateries and supermarts.

Don’t forget to try the popular empanada de carne, empanada de jamon y queso, and empanada de pollo. 

3) Sandwich De Miga:

The Sandwich De Miga is one of the most sought-after sandwiches found in almost all bakery shops around the country. 

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Sandwich De Miga,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

The sort of bread that is used is unlike anything you’d find at your local bakers in your own country. It is exquisitely light, exceptionally white and exceedingly thin. There are varied fillings available, and are not limited to ham and cheese, eggs, mayonnaise, olives, ham and tuna. 

4) Bondiola :

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If you didn’t find the Choripan tasty enough, then you’d find its popular rival Bondiola (also referred to as the Bondipan locally) perhaps tastier. It is a roasted pork shoulder sliced and served on bread distributed with lemon juice to wash it all down.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Choripan,Bondiola,El Parrillon,Best Street Food,Buenos AiresEditorial Copyrights: Fabian Luque

You have two choices when it comes down to strategizing your plan of attack. You can go all plain and dress it up with some toppings like salsa criolla which is a mixture of onions and chopped tomate or chimichurri sauce, or order this with toppings like thinly cut french fries, fried egg and also cheese. All this heavenly meaty wholesomeness is wedged between a baguette-style loaf.

5) Pancho :

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Pancho,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

Now just because Argentina has its Choripans and Bondipans doesn’t mean it lacks its own version of a hotdog. Meet the Pancho, Argentina’s answer to all an American favorite. Thinly cut fried potatoes called Lluvia de papa can be sprinkled over the top to give this sausage snack a little more depth.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Super Pancho,Best Street Food,Buenos AiresEditorial Copyrights: Michael Bertino

If you’d like your Pancho to be not any less than a size XL, feel free to beef it up by adding several toppings, thus transforming it to the elite status of 'Super Pancho'. Of course, there are several delicious sauces that go along with this dog, the most popular choice being a mixture of ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

6) Tortilla :

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Tortilla,Best Street Food,Buenos Aires

Found usually in Northern Argentina, these versions of the popular bread found all over Latin America literally melt in your mouth. Tortilla are flatbreads made of wheat flour baked on a parrilla (barbeque), often filled with jamon y queso (ham & cheese) but you can also get them plain. 

Argentina,Tortilla,Ham and Cheese,Latin America,South America,Northern Argentina

7) Proveleta :

For those who don't like their food too spicy, the provolone cheese would be a good choice – but as soon as you slap this on a grill, the experience of having one is elevated to a whole other level. Made from cow's milk, provolone transforms into a gooey goodness, and it is a classic starter for an Argentinian asado or barbecue.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Provoleta,Provolone cheese,Best Street Food

Provoleta is often served with oregano toppings, and ideally should be slightly crisp on the outside, yet melted on the inside (sort of similar texture as the Crème Brulee). It is grilled in a specially-sized skillet or a simple foil dish.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Provoleta,Provolone cheese,Best Street Food,Beef Steak Provolone cheese

The provoleta from goat’s milk is something you might like if you prefer a creamy acidic taste.

8) Humita :

There is no better tribute to corn than a Humita, eaten as a savory snack or as a main courseThe corn mash is unraveled by untying the leaf package in which it is steamed or boiled.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Humita,Best Street Food

Humita is consumed around the Andean region, including Chile, Bolivia and Peru, and dates back to the pre-Columbian era. Made with onion, spices, fresh corn & milk, goat cheese is sometimes added to pep it up.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Traditional Humita,Best Street Food

9) Locro :

Marking Argentina's May Revolution on May 25th of every year, Locro is a  traditional stew served abundantly as a national dish. Made from vegetables including white beans, squash, pumpkin, and seasoned with cumin and bay leaf as well as white corn, beef or pork, red chorizo & tripe, this luscious meal in a bowl is an ideal staple for winter.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Locro,Best Street Food,Stew,National day

With a dash of quiquirimichi, a hot salsa made from paprika, spring onion and chili, it can further stimulate your senses.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Locro,Best Street Food,Stew,National day

Also worth a try is the Carbonada, a similar dish that is served inside a baked, seasoned pumpkin and also includes sweetcorn as an ingredient.

10) Dulce De Leche :

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Dulce De Leche,Best Street Food,Ice cream,Flan

Unless you’re an Argentinian yourself, you may, at some point during your travels, land in the middle of a passionate argument between two or more Argentinians arguing that licking dulce de leche (sugar and caramelized milk sauce) from a spoon is a meal in itself. Desserts such as flan are usually accompanied by this sweet & sticky salsa. A better variation of the above is the dulce de leche-flavored helado.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Dulce De Leche,Best Street Food,Ice cream,Flan

You may as well not start a business of selling ice creams in Argentina if you are not planning to stock the above flavor. If you’re a fan of thick and creamy ice-creams and not eating this, then you’re buying your ice cream from the wrong counter. 

11) Beef :

Finally, we save the best for last. If you didn’t know, Argentina IS beef country, being one of the large exporters of fine quality South American beef. If you love your succulent prime cuts of beef then you can’t leave without trying out some of them during your stay in Argentina.

Here’s a guide to some prime cuts that you can find here:

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Bife de Chorizo,Best Street Food

Bife de chorizo – sirloin: A popular cut, thick and juicy

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Bife de Costilla,Best Street Food

Bife de costilla – T-bone: It is sometimes referred to as chuleta, and it is a cut that’s closest to the bone.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Bife de lomo,Best Street Food

Bife de lomo – tenderloin: It’s a tender piece with a thin cut.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Cuadril,Best Street Food

Cuadril – A thin cut rump steak.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Ojo de Bife,Rib eye,Best Street Food

Ojo de bife - Ribeye: A smaller amount by choice

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Tira de asado,Best Street Food

Tira de asado – shortribs: Crosswise sliced meat with thin strips of ribs.

Argentina,South America,Latin America,Beef Steak,Beef,Flank Steak,Vacio,Best Street Food

Vacío – It’s a tasty flank steak that is chewy and textured.

Plan your custom culinary adventure here with advice from our travel experts if we made your mouth water with our delicious street food choices in Argentina. 

Tripifini Team

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