Argentina Travel: Best things to do and places to see in Buenos Aires

Dubbed the “Paris of South America”, Argentina’s massive metropolis and capital city Buenos Aires is all about its European essence - from cobblestoned streets lined with pretty cafes to neighborhoods bursting with unique colonial character. We are talking French-styled buildings, Italian-flavored food, and Spanish-inspired nightlife, all in all a distinct European flair. Throw in the tastiest steaks, with authentic wines and traditional tango shows, and that's a lot of bang for buck for any city. 

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Chile Travel: Best things to do and places to see in Santiago

A cosmopolitan metropolis, backed by the majestic Andes, vivacious and cultured, Santiago is where the soul of over 40 percent of Chileans resides. With its energetic neighborhoods, coupled with art galleries, dramatic hills, booming nightlife and historical museums, Santiago is one of that handful of destinations with a truly urban and worldly zest.

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Argentina Travel: Top 10 things to do and places to visit in Argentina

Overview: Argentina is the second largest country in the continent of South America, and also contains its highest and lowest points: at almost 23,000 ft, Cerro Aconcagua is known to be the tallest mountain in the Americas while Laguna Del Carbón at 344 ft below sea level is considered the lowest point. If you’re a football fan you would know of the infamous “Hand of God” a term that has been used to describe the legendary soccer player Diego Maradona who hails from Argentina.

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Costa Rica Travel - Best Beaches to Visit in Costa Rica

One of the many reasons why Costa Rica is witnessing a high footfall of visitors in recent years is due to its abundance of outstanding beaches. Squeezed between the Caribbean and Pacific shorelines, the country has nearly 300 sand-and-sea wonders with unique personalities. From mega resorts with lots of amenities to wild, untouched shorelines, there is something for every beach lover.

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