All About Chillies - Peru’s Blistering Cuisine

Home to more than 300 different types of chilli pepper, Peru is the South American Mecca for spice-lovers the world over. Whatever the dish, Peruvians like their heat. This is the time to ditch your mild spices for a taste of no-holds-barred Peruvian cuisine which puts to shame all your mollycoddled imitation ‘‘spicy cooking’’ back home. This is the real stuff. We’re not in Tabasco territory any more, son.

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Costa Rica Travel - Best Foods to eat in Costa Rica

With all its lush rainforests and picture-perfect beaches, the considerable culinary scene of Costa Rica often gets overlooked. Costa Rican cuisine is not about tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, like its Latin American cousins, but is a perfect blend of comforting, healthy food with a heavy influence of rice and beans. With Latin and Caribbean flavor-bursting fare, this is a sensory experience your taste buds will remember for a long time.

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Colombia Travel - Must-Try Colombian Food

You've heard it said before, but the best way to know more about a country and its culture apart from its myriad attractions is to immerse yourself in its exotic cuisine. Colombia may not be well-acclaimed the world over for its culinary scene, but that being said, this country has an enormous variety of lip smacking food worth trying. Leaning more towards deep-frying everything, Colombia showcases a wide array of meaty dishes, most of them served with rice, beans, and potatoes.

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South Africa Travel: All About South African Wines

Not just limited to picturesque landscapes and prolific wildlife, South Africa has a way more delectable highlight up in its sleeve to charm its visitors - its vineyards. With brilliant wineries producing exemplary (and award-winning) wines at affordable prices, South Africa easily makes it to the list of top 10 wine producing countries in the world.

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