A Madagascar Wildlife Guide: The Best of Madagascar's Animals

Unlike any other country, Madagascar is rousing mix of picturesque landscapes with weird looking upside-down baobabs (when the leaves shed, the branches look like roots, giving an impression of the tree sticking its head into the ground) and a vast community of wildlife species endemic to the region. Almost 90% of these are not found anywhere else in the world. This African island nation that got calved off the continent millions of years ago has truly written its own book on nature, wildlife and evolution. 

The Amazing Animals of the Galapagos Islands

An archipelago of 18 islands, the Galapagos are situated about 1,000km away from the mainland of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, easily the most important highlight of the country, attracting travelers in droves to its beautiful landscapes filled with the most easily accessible wildlife in the worl

Wildlife Spotting in Peru: A Guide To The Ballestas Islands

Steeped in wild landscapes from the Andean peaks to the Amazon forests, mystical Peru has always been on the bucket list of any traveler who wants to get up close and personal with nature. The major attractions of Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, the Inca Trail and the Amazon are always high up on the list of things to do; but what about the lesser known, but equally astounding, destinations in Peru like the Ballestas Islands (Islas Ballestas)?

5 Endangered Animals You Should See Before They Are Gone

Humans and animals, and their tenuous link with each other, where do we begin? Common sense would decree that for a healthy planet, a happy symbiosis between us and them would be obvious, but clearly it's not. We are wiping them out faster than they can make 'em. Ironically, the more beautiful they are, the faster they go. Here are 5 beautiful creatures, almost too good to be true, that we have systematically attempted to wipe off the face of the earth.