Costa Rica Travel - Best Beaches to Visit in Costa Rica

One of the many reasons why Costa Rica is witnessing a high footfall of visitors in recent years is due to its abundance of outstanding beaches. Squeezed between the Caribbean and Pacific shorelines, the country has nearly 300 sand-and-sea wonders with unique personalities. From mega resorts with lots of amenities to wild, untouched shorelines, there is something for every beach lover.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands: An Essential Guide

Few destinations rival the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador for up-close encounters with mother nature. Rocky landscapes, often sparse of vegetation but blessed with abundant and unique wildlife, these little gems  are also famed because of the work that Charles Darwin did there, which contributed to his development of the evolution theory.

A Guide to Iceland's Most Beautiful Beaches

When you think of a beach vacation, you would arguably picture white sand, beach umbrellas, and lots of sun-block. The various-hued (black, white, gold, red!) sandy beaches of Iceland are probably not the first things on your bucket list when you’re planning a trip here, but we strongly recommend them nevertheless for their surreal beauty not found anywhere else on this planet!