All About Chillies - Peru’s Blistering Cuisine

Home to more than 300 different types of chilli pepper, Peru is the South American Mecca for spice-lovers the world over. Whatever the dish, Peruvians like their heat. This is the time to ditch your mild spices for a taste of no-holds-barred Peruvian cuisine which puts to shame all your mollycoddled imitation ‘‘spicy cooking’’ back home. This is the real stuff. We’re not in Tabasco territory any more, son.

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Costa Rica Travel - Best National Parks of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a tiny country by any yardstick (just about the size of West Virginia) holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity; almost 25% of its land is protected by wildlife parks or game reserves, each of which offer a different kind of experience; some showcase magnificent wildlife viewing, while others provide scenic displays of tropical volcanoes and waterfalls.

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