Colombia Travel - San Gil, Colombia's Adventure Capital

San Gil maybe a small city, but there is no shortage of action here. The former colonial town is now the pride and joy of adventure lovers chasing adrenaline surges, making it one of Colombia's top highlights. Famed for everything from white-water rafting to mountain-biking, rapelling down waterfalls and soaring through canyons on a paraglider, there are plenty of activities and places to see in this outdoors capital of Colombia.

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Colombia Travel - Must-Try Colombian Food

You've heard it said before, but the best way to know more about a country and its culture apart from its myriad attractions is to immerse yourself in its exotic cuisine. Colombia may not be well-acclaimed the world over for its culinary scene, but that being said, this country has an enormous variety of lip smacking food worth trying. Leaning more towards deep-frying everything, Colombia showcases a wide array of meaty dishes, most of them served with rice, beans, and potatoes.

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Colombia Travel: Beyond Narcos, the Must-visit places in Colombia

Just a couple of decades ago, Colombia was regarded as one of the most unsafe countries in the world, and did not feature on any traveler’s map. Recently, this Latin American beauty has reinvented itself into a major tourism hotspot, all thanks to resolvement of political issues and concerted efforts to make its cities safe. From the bustling megapolises of Bogota and Medellin, to the pictorial landscapes of the coffee fields and the dramatic sun-kissed Caribbean coasts, Colombia’s versatility knows no bounds in charming its visitors.

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