The Kalahari Desert: Go On An Exclusive Luxury Horse Safari

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Covering almost a 10th of Botswana’s total land mass, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve boasts an area of 52,800 square kilometers (20,400 square miles) and ranks as the second largest game reserve in the world. The unending expanse of Kalahari is mostly comprised of rugged terrain dominated by almost waist-high golden grass, dotted by dwarfed trees and shrublands. Come in drier months and you will be greeted with picturesque views of the salt pans under clear skies. Kalahari offers exclusive wildlife sightings and you are guaranteed to spot large herds of springbok and gemsbok along with wildebeest, hartebeest, eland, giraffe, cheetah and the fabulous black-maned lion. Be pampered by our local experts as they guide you through stunning landscapes of the Kalahari on an exclusive horse safari, with all luxury amenities provided for.

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Botswana - Chobe National Park: Meet The World's Largest Elephants On Exclusive Safaris
Chobe National Park: Meet The World's Largest Elephants On Exclusive Safaris
Botswana’s first, and also the most biologically diverse national park, Chobe is famed for being home to the world’s largest and densest herds of gigantic elephants. And not just limited to elephants, Chobe also boasts one of the highest game concentrations in Africa. Located far off in the northeastern part of the country, Chobe's elephant population is estimated to be around 50,000, which seems to have been escalated since 1990 from a few thousand. The elephants here are of Kalahari descent, known to be the largest in size among all recognized elephant populations. Featuring a fragile, short tusk, these massive pachyderms are usually spotted near the Chobe riverfront during the dry months. In addition to the mighty elephants, Chobe also hosts Cape Buffaloes, lions, hippos, zebras and the rare Roan antelope and Oribi antelope, plus 440 bird species. Enjoy luxury camping, endless safaris and exploring the wetlands by houseboat in the 3rd largest game reserve of the country.
okavango delta Botswana
Okavango Delta: Enjoy a Safari in a Mokoro Canoe
Dubbed as ‘Africa’s last Eden’ and a proud member of the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Okavango Delta is a watery paradise of islands sprawled over 15,000 sq km of lush water wilderness, grassy plains that seasonally flood and riverine jungles. Explore this renowned safari hub in a traditional Mokoro canoe, used by the Bayei tribe as a means to travel through these vast waterways that teem with life. Enjoy the daily drama of wildlife encounters, ferocious lion roars, cheetah runs, whoop of hyenas and the rare sight of sitatungas (marshbuck, a variety of antelope). Chance upon a number of hippos, elephants, wattled crane and the crocodiles as you navigate down the marshlands of the this delta. A truly spectacular natural arena, Okavango is a must-visit for any wildlife enthusiast.
Chapman's Greens baobab Botswana
The Giant Baobabs: Walk In The Footsteps Of The Early Explorers
Visit the natural treasure of Botswana and also one of the three largest trees in Africa. Chapman’s Baobab is a tourist attraction that once served as a landmark for travelers. Measuring almost 25 meters at the girth with 7 massive trunks, you will see the Chapman’s Baobab from a long way off. A true botanical phenomena of the country, this colossal tree is thought to be over 1000 years old and was first documented by James Chapman when he travelled with his fellow mate Thomas Baine through Botswana. Follow in the footsteps of the great African explorers Livingstone, Chapman and Selous, when they trail-blazed the area a century and a half ago. Stop to marvel at the Green Baobab whose magnificent trunk is etched with the initials of these brave, early travelers.
Botswana - The Makgadikgadi Pan: Witness The Zebra Migration
The Makgadikgadi Pan: Witness The Zebra Migration
Encompassing an area of nearly 12,000 sq km, the Makgadikgadi Pan showcases the remnants of Africa’s once-largest lake (as large as Switzerland) and now boasts the largest network of salt pans in the world, situated in the middle of the dry Savannah region of Northeastern Botswana. For most of the year, the area is dry, but the region comes alive after the December-January rains, when it floods and transforms to a lush wetland, bringing with it hordes of thirsty prey and predator alike. Makgadikgadi plays host to the Great Zebra migration, which is also regarded as the second largest of its kind in all of Africa. The region also attracts thousands of migrating flamingos and other water birds, such as pelicans, spoonbills, waders and storks. Visit the western part of Makgadikgadi, which offers abundant game sightings of cheetahs, wildebeest, antelopes and lions.
The Selinda Spillway: Safari In A Private Game Reserve
Enjoy the luxury and quietude of the Selinda Spillway, located in Northern Botswana, which also acts as an important link between the Okavango Delta in the west and Linyanti Swamps in the east. The Selinda Spillway is an astounding large private wildlife sanctuary that only permits 18 guests at a time, thus offering you undisturbed live game action plus abundant sightings of the region’s elephants, buffaloes, wild dogs, roan antelope, cheetahs, hyenas and prides of lions. Sprawled over 135,000 hectares of woodland and forest, Selinda also abodes almost 300 different avian species, making it quite a birder’s paradise. Interwoven with extensive flood plains, you can even spot abundant wildlife by canoeing down the reserve’s wetlands. Selinda exists primarily for the preservation of wildlife, but serves up enough safari adventure to rival any other in all of Africa.

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