Santiago: Take an Expert Guided Tour of Chile's Capital

Santiago, Chile, Plaza de Armas Santiago, Chile, Plaza de Armas

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Experience Santiago, Chile’s bustling 500 year old vibrant and worldly capital located on the foothills of the stunning Andean mountain range. Santiago is a sophisticated metropolis, hosting an eclectic range of historic art galleries and museums along with lively neighborhoods, top-notch restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Any trip to Santiago should definitely include a visit to the old colonial square of Plaza de Armas, which exhibits the amazing bustle of the city along with 2 important neoclassical landmarks: the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Take an aerial tramway to the famous San Cristobal Hill, known for its unrivaled views of the city. Also visit the famous La Chascona, the home-turned-museum of the legendary poet, Pablo Neruda. Wrap up your day in the nightlife hubs of the city, or by dining in world-class restaurants in Providencia. With a renovated arts scene and vibrant culture, Santiago remains an old-world city with an exciting contemporary edge.

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Chile - Chile Travel: Enjoy Insider Experiences in Valparaiso
Chile Travel: Enjoy Insider Experiences in Valparaiso
Valparaiso is perhaps Chile’s most fascinating port town and the former residence of the legendary poet, Pablo Neruda. Awarded a UNESCO World Heritage status, Valparaiso is a wonderful mix of steep hillsides (with near-vertical funiculars) and cobblestoned streets fenced by colorful colonial buildings, reflecting the influx of the European immigrants during the 19th century. Visit the iconic La Sebastiana, the former eccentric mansion of Pablo Neruda, which has now been converted into a museum that offers a keen insight into the poet’s life (the breathtaking Pacific vistas are a bonus). Not just Neruda, but many poets, painters and philosophers were fascinated by Valparaiso’s unique charisma and drew much inspiration from the port town. Wander through the old streets with its bohemian vibes and enjoy the serene seaside views coupled with a fast-paced nightlife and an appealing underground street art scene, which is said to be one of the best in all of Latin America.
Chile - Chilean Wines: Experience the Wines of Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys
Chilean Wines: Experience the Wines of Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys
For years, Chilean wines have attracted oenophiles from all over the world for their exceptional taste and texture. With such a sterling reputation, one shouldn't overlook these abundant wineries and the unique experience of sampling its classy wines. Travel through the abundant wine-producing regions of Chile, especially the Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys, and learn about the art of wine production followed by a short sampling session. Casablanca is probably the fastest growing wine region in Chile, and also the newest addition to the wine industry, compared to its other counterparts in the country. Casablanca has gained a reputation among wine lovers for its quality white wine production of crisp Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs, and also reds like Pinot Noir and Merlot. Colchagua, on the other hand, has been one of the prime wine producing regions of the country and stands a class apart when it comes to red wines like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmanere and Syrah.
Chile - The Lake District: Chile's Adventure Destination For The Family
The Lake District: Chile's Adventure Destination For The Family
Stretching from Puerto Montt to Temuco, the Chile lake district is comprised of lush farmlands, dense forests, snow-capped volcanoes and beautiful lakes, probably making it one of the most visually pleasing areas of the country. The Chile lake district was earlier inhabited by the indigenous Mapuche tribe before the German, Austrian and Swiss immigrants took over and transformed this province into one of the best dairy farmlands of the country. Heavy influence of German culture can be seen in the region’s architectures and culinary styles. However, the real action lies in the region’s many national parks and adventure hotspots of Pucon and Puerto Varas, drawing thousands of visitors annually. Indulge in stunning hikes and volcano climbing adventures along with river rafting, kayaking and horse riding. In winter, skiing down the snow-cloaked volcano is a bonus.
Chile - Easter Island: Learn All About The Mysterious Moai
Easter Island: Learn All About The Mysterious Moai
Located nearly 2,200 miles from Chile’s mainland, Easter Island is one of the most secluded areas on earth that attracts visitors for its abundant mystical, human-figured structures. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Easter Island boasts almost 900 monumental stone-carved statues called Moai created by the Rapa Nui inhabitants during the 13th-16th centuries. Featuring an oversized head and hollow eyes, these enigmatic stone structures reflect the history of a bygone Polynesian culture. However, Easter Island is much more than that; the island has volcanic craters and two dramatic white-sand beaches, offering fabulous diving, snorkeling and surfing experiences. Explore this isolated island on a horseback ride, and on its superb beaches. If traveling in early February, you can catch the magnificent Tapati Rapa Nui festival, a fortnight-long celebration of the ancient Rapa Nui culture.
Chile - Parque Nacional Torres del Paine: Adventure Activities For The Family In Chile
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine: Adventure Activities For The Family In Chile
Located on the glaciated southern tip of Chilean Patagonia, the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine features a series of serene lakes, bright blue icebergs calved from glaciers, golden stretches of grasslands and 3 iconic glaciated granite towers, from which the park derives its name. With rich panoramas everywhere, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine offers great hiking experiences, especially the most popular “W” route, which normally takes 5 days to complete and showcases some of the breathtaking views of the region. Alternatively, this wildlife reserve can also be explored on horseback or a mini-van tour. Also awarded a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status since 1978, the park is home to a rich diversity of avian life that includes the ostrich-like Rhea, Andean Condor, flamingo, and a host of mammals like the Puma. One can also spot the rare llama-looking guanacos that are often seen grazing in the vast grasslands of the region.
Chile - The Chilean Fjords: Glacier Tours and Whale-Watching For The Family
The Chilean Fjords: Glacier Tours and Whale-Watching For The Family
Have your operator guide you to the Southern coast of Chile and experience the untouched beauty of Chilean fjords, access the stunning glaciers and the astonishing “End of the Earth”, made famous by Charles Darwin and the crew of the Beagle. With a unique combo of pristine national parks and dramatic volcanoes, the Chilean Fjords brim with exceptional sights that have unfailingly wowed visitors for over a century. The Chilean Fjords are well known for breeding thousands of native Magellanic Penguins on its shores and there are fewer sights more stunning than watching masses of these gentle creatures huddled together. Apart from the many penguins, the Chilean fjords are also home to the magnificent blue, grey and humpback whales plus plenty of playful dolphins which you are pretty much guaranteed to spot on whale-watching tours.
Chile - Chile Travel: Learn The Secrets of Making a Great Pisco Sour
Chile Travel: Learn The Secrets of Making a Great Pisco Sour
Chile’s national liquor, Pisco Sour, is found in almost every drinking establishment throughout the country. The tipple is usually made from a distilled fermented grape juice which constitutes the Pisco, followed by mixing the syrup with fresh lime juice and egg whites, which is then shaken in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. The drink is then poured into a glass and garnished with drops of Angostura bitters or Amargo Chunco. The result is a rich, creamy and equally flavorsome drink with a fruity concoction that leaves you wanting more. An ideal sundowner, Pisco Sour is also equally famous in Peru land, and there are times when strong discussions happen as to whose drink tastes better. Learn this unique art of crafting a perfect Pisco Sour while in Chile at the hands of a seasoned bartender.
Chile, Cordon Bleu, Cooking Lessons, Chilean Food
Chile Travel: Enjoy A Private Chilean Cooking Class With a Cordon Bleu Chef
Le Cordon Bleu is a world renowned network of culinary institutions, having its centers across 20 countries, best-known for producing world-class chefs for more than a century. While in Chile, you have that golden opportunity to prepare a menu comprising of three courses plus a dessert, all under the observation of one such Cordon Bleu chef. The recipes are usually inspired by what Chile produces, i.e. high quality and seasoned ingredients from local farmers. Interestingly, the whole family can participate in this. While you cook, you also have the chance of relishing each course with a fantastic selection of wines from the Colchagua Valley.
Chile - Chile Travel: Visit the Hot Springs & Geysers of the Tatio Region
Chile Travel: Visit the Hot Springs & Geysers of the Tatio Region
Apart from the marvelous Andes, Chile is also home to one of the highest active geyser fields, El Tatio, at an astounding altitude of 14,170 feet. The Tatio ('oven' in the local dialect) comprises of more than 80 active steam jets continuously shooting up into the thin air. Head out in the early hours to witness the geothermal activity at its peak. Enjoy the brilliant views of the steamy terrain with the volcanoes looming in the background. After your geyser tour, have a rejuvenating therapeutic bath in one of the hot springs to beat the cold with picturesque views of the region.
Atacama Desert, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, Adventure in Chile
San Pedro de Atacama: The Most Dramatic Landscape on Earth
Sporting one of the driest of deserts in the world, San Pedro de Atacama is home to one of the most exceptional landscapes in the continent. Atacama is a land of numerous rugged volcanoes, endless salt pans and some of the most active geyser fields in the world. The key highlight of the Atacama is Valle de la Luna, translated as “Valley of the Moon”, which showcases a most bizarre and beautiful landscape that uncannily resembles the surface of the moon. Valle de la Luna was formed as a result of millions of years of sand and stone erosion. It is nothing short of a photographer's dream at sundown when the mountain ridges swirl with a kaleidoscope of colors as day changes to night. At night, San Pedro de Atacama turns into one of the darkest places in the world, which makes its night sky one of the most spectacular on the planet.
Chile - La Serena: Watersports And Chile's Best Beaches
La Serena: Watersports And Chile's Best Beaches
An intellectual city boasting numerous archaeological museums and astronomical observatories, La Serena is the ideal destination for any keenly curious traveler. It is also the second oldest city of Chile, and flaunts an expansive stretch of a golden shoreline that is perfect for marine activities like snorkeling, surfing and sport fishing. Visit the El Faro beach, home to the iconic and monumental Faro lighthouse. La Serena is also blessed with marvelous architecture that showcases the colonial and neo-colonial era through its grandiose plazas and stone buildings. Visit the historic Archaeological Museum that exhibits pre-Hispanic pottery and one of the giant moai statues from Easter Island. Explore downtown La Serena or Elqui Valley on a bike and hike the nearby Fray Jorge National park.

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