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Looking to escape the cold this winter and take a trip beyond the ordinary vacation?   Head south for great weather and brand new experiences.   We've included some great ideas for families and some off the beaten track destinations to expand your Southern Horizons.  Tripifini's experts on the ground offer unique access to the local culture and experiences.  Every trip is full of learning opportunities and incredible family memories.  


All Tripifini journeys are completely custom. Our trip ideas are  designed to give you any easy starting point for your personal experience - but feel free to make changes.  Want to make your trip a little longer?  Have multiple generations in your family or group members that want to do slightly different things? Is there a special anniversary or birthday you want to celebrate?  Your Tripifini oprerator will custom craft an amazing experience just for you.

Extraordinary Winter Escapes

Trip ideas include accomodations and activities and are fully customizable.

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