Manuel Antonio National Park: Best Wildlife Experience for the Family

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Manuel Antonio National Park is globally recognized as being one of the most biodiverse parks in the world, with abundant tropical forests, lagoons, mangroves and pristine white sandy beaches. Among the 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, some of the oft-observed residents include white-faced howler monkeys, 2 and 3 toed sloths, iguanas, and the endangered squirrel monkey. The park contains a great system of perfectly marked trails for hiking, and the four beaches in the park, Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondito and Playita, are some of the best in the country. You can snorkel around in Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio when the water is clear during the dry season, which is considered the best time to visit. Surfing, swimming or simply relaxing under the sun are some of the preferred activities for park vistiors.

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Jaguar, Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
The Osa Peninsula: Jaguar Spotting and Surfing in Costa Rica
The Osa Peninsula is one of the country’s most remote destinations at the southern end of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. This wild region is worth a visit primarily for the extensive rainforest that provides shelter to the largest exisiting population of jaguars and tapirs in Costa Rica in the Corcovado National Park; you can also take surfing lessons for the whole family along the peninsula’s southern point, and most definitely take a boat ride through its enormous expanse of rich, lush mangroves.It is also a great place to get a glimpse of Costa Rica’s history: Travelers are introduced to former gold mining villages and the rural Tico life, as well as the huge pre-Columbian stone spheres that continue to baffle archaeologists. Inspite of the the vastly upgraded access road to the peninsula’s main town, other parts of Osa remain inaccessible by car, making them perfect for hiking and wild jungle explorations. Image Copyrights
Costa Rica - Finca Rosa Blanca: The Heart of Costa Rica's Coffee Culture
Finca Rosa Blanca: The Heart of Costa Rica's Coffee Culture
The Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation, situated in the hills above the city of San Jose is a welcome retreat where art and nature meet luxury cuisine. Around every corner, the best of Costa Rica jumps out at you: a mural of tropical blooms, phenomenal views of valleys and volcanoes, a waterfall crashing amid luxuriant vegetation, birdsong all day, and one of Costa Rica's most enduring highlights, a cup of arguably the best coffee in the world. Exploring the grounds is like visiting an outdoor museum, where everything including the recycling bins are a work of art. But it is at the foodie-acclaimed bar and restaurant where you get the goosebumps, as you sit on a terrace with views of the Valle Central, encircled with cloud forests and volcanoes. This less-visited under-estimated region is also an adventure and culture mecca, whether you’re hiking to a crater lake, rafting a wild river, or visiting local markets. Experience, first-hand, how your morning cuppa is picked, milled, ground and roasted. Carry your favourite bean back home after a round of exclusive coffee tasting. Image Copyrights
Costa Rica - The Monte Verde Cloud Forest: Fun & Adventure Activities in Cost Rica
The Monte Verde Cloud Forest: Fun & Adventure Activities in Cost Rica
The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful, lively rainforests on the planet. Enjoy scenic walks through its rich biodiversity, natural beauty, and interact with the native wildlife. For adventure-lovers, enjoy an exhilarating zipline-ride over treetops, or frolic high up in the canopy on walkways several feet off the ground. Monteverde a.k.a “Green Mountain”, aptly named for its vast reserves of lush foliage, has been described by National Geographic as “the Jewel in the Crown of Cloud Forests.” In 2007, the Cloud Forest Reserve was voted by Costa Ricans as one of the country’s seven wonders . It is this cloud cover that hangs at canopy level that distinguishes it from the tropical rainforests that are spread across much of Costa Rica.
Montezuma Costa Rica
The Beach Town of Montezuma: A Perfect Family Outing
Montezuma is a charming town on Costa Rica's gulf coast, perfect for an escape from the city. It is remote, and never usually over-crowded. Located on the very southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, it attracts a mixture of backpackers, young families on luxury vacations, and couples looking for a romantic getaway. The draws of Montezuma are its several silent beaches, thick forests, and a variety of fauna like monkeys, butterflies and more bird species than you can count. What makes it distinguishable from the rest of Costa Rica's attractions is its almost bohemian vibe, comprising of a vibrant community made up of expats and locals. Foodies will be delighted: Montezuma has a magnificient choice of restaurants serving food from all over the globe.
Poas Volcano, Costa Rica
Explore the Arenal and Poas Volcano National Parks
The Arenal Volcano National Park is special not just for the the picture-perfect Arenal Volcano. A hike to the La Fortuna Waterfalls (Costa Rica's most beautiful) is worth the price of a ticket alone, with a plunge in its pool to cap the end of a perfect active day. Go spelunking, soak in therapeutic natural springs, and bike and horse-ride the jungle trails. Explore the spectacular Poas Volcano National Park, famous for its smokey crystal blue sulhpur pools, the beautiful Botos Lagoon, a butterfly observatory and the White Magic Waterfalls.
Costa Rica - Take a walk into Vibrant San Jose, Largest city in costa rica
Take a walk into Vibrant San Jose, Largest city in costa rica
Enjoy San Jose, Costa Rica's largest city, surrounded on all sides by lush valleys and mountains. Whether you are interested in fine dining, exciting nightlife, local shopping, or trips to museums, San Jose boats an incredible array of exploratory activities for the whole family. Explore the historic neighborhoods such as Barrio Amón, where colonial mansions have been converted into contemporary art galleries, and Barrio Escalante, the city's gastronomic center. Wander with those Saturday shoppers at the farmers market, join the Sunday crowds in Parque La Sabana, move your hips the entire night to live music at one of the city's vibrant clubs, or visit the museums of gold, jade, art and natural history, and you will realize the multidimensional attraction of Costa Rica's largest city and cultural hub. Image Copyrights
Costa Rica - Parque Nacional Corcovado: Home To Costa Rica's Endangered Species
Parque Nacional Corcovado: Home To Costa Rica's Endangered Species
Parque Nacional Corcovado covers almost half of the Osa Peninsula and is home to diverse wildlife including the highly endangered giant anteater, Baird's tapir, the beautiful scarlet macaws, and the world's largest avian predator, the harpy eagle, not to mention all of Costa Rica’s big cats, including the beautiful Jaguar. Whether you explore the the park by a day-hike along one of its two main forest trails, the coastal La Leona to Sirena and the mountainous Sirena to Los Patos, or reach by boat to explore the shorter trails around the Sirena and San Pedrillo ranger stations, wildlife sightings are almost a guarantee. Visits to the park are allowed only with licensed guides.Image Copyrights
Tabacon Hot Springs
The Tabacón Hot Springs: Spa Luxury in Arenal National Park
A visit to Tabacón's luxurious thermal springs is a must on your way to the Arenal Volcano. With its blissfully flowing waterfalls, tropical vegetation and mineral-rich natural springs,you won't be disappointed. The springs are made up of 97% rainwater and 3% magma, all of which is situated in the midst of a rainforest in the Arenal Volcanic region.You'll also find the a Grand Spa next to the hot springs that includes volcanic mud wraps, full-body massages and exfoliations. There are 5 springs in total with varying temperatures, as well as Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara (which involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead) and Watsu underwater massages. Travelers will be pleased to know that it is eminently eco-friendly and carbon neutral.
Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano National Park: Hike the Hanging Bridges
Arenal Volcano National Park: Hike the Hanging Bridges
The spectacular views of the impressive Arenal Volcano can be enjoyed from nowhere better than from the Hanging Bridges. The beautifully constructed 16 Arenal Hanging Bridges are suspended high above gorges and across jungle floors, forming a chain that makes for a hike in its own right, as well as a wonderful forest wild-life spotting experience for the whole family; apart from the 60-odd species of birds, there are varieties of monkeys and sloths that are common sights in this 250 hectares of prime forest. Heavy rains may make parts of this hike a little difficult, but on a sunny day it is a perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon in the great outdooors. Image Copyrights
Tortuguero National Park
Tortuguero National Park: Best Place to Spot the Jaguar
Surrounded by lush rainforest and the Carribean Sea, the Tortuguero National Park is one of Costa Rica's most wildlife-prolific locations, home to the endangered Jaguar, no less, and an important nesting ground for a large variety of sea turtles. The recommended way to see most of the park is from a boat; there are places to rent canoes and kayaks which can access the deepest mangroces that are otherwise inaccesible . The unusually high rainfall and rich environment where the freshwater meets the sea makes the beaches, canals, lagoons and wetlands of Tortuguero areas of extraordinary biodiversity and opportunity for nature lovers.
Costa Rica - Pavones: A Surfing Lesson with the Family
Pavones: A Surfing Lesson with the Family
Situated on the Pacific Coast and home to the world's second longest left-hand surf break, Pavones is any surfer's paradise, from learner to advanced. Get a lesson, catch some waves all day long and and relax in the tranquil atmosphere of the little town at night. Pavones is alos known for its diverse wildlife in the luxuraint rainforest nearby, about one and a half hours drive from Golfito. Image Copyrights

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