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Best Things To Do in Botswana

Botswana travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Botswana - Enjoy An Exclusive Horse Safari Through the heart of the Kalahari
Enjoy An Exclusive Horse Safari Through the heart of the Kalahari
Be pampered by our local experts as they guide you through stunning landscapes of the Kalahari on an exclusive horse safari, with all luxury amenities provided for. See More >
Botswana - Meet The world's largest elephants in Chobe National Park
Meet The world's largest elephants in Chobe National Park
Travel to Chobe National Park for a good look at the world's largest elephants, among one of the world's greatest density of all other game! Enjoy luxury camping, endless safaris and exploring the wetlands by houseboat in the 3rd largest game reserve in all of Africa. See More >
okavango delta Botswana
Canoe through the lush Okavango Delta
Explore the world renowned Okavango Delta in a traditional Mokoro canoe, used by the Bayei tribe as a means to travel through these vast waterways that teem with life. The Okavango is known as 'Africa's Last Eden' and has been declared a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. See More >
Botswana - Learn Survival Tricks of the san Bushmen of the Kalahari
Learn Survival Tricks of the san Bushmen of the Kalahari
Hang with the hardy San Bushmen, the indigenous people of the Kalahari; learn all about their way of life and pick up some valuable survival skills in the Bush. See More >
Chapman's Greens baobab Botswana
The Giant Baobabs: In the footsteps of the early explorers
You will see Chapman's Baobab from a long way off; you should, it's 25 m at the girth! Follow in the footsteps of the great African explorers Livingstone, Chapman and Selous as they traversed this area nearly 2 centuries ago. Stop to marvel at the Greens Baobab whose magnificent trunk is etched with the initials of these brave, early travellers. See More >
Botswana - Visit the The Mighty Makgadikgadi (just after the rains)
Visit the The Mighty Makgadikgadi (just after the rains)
Witness first hand, the Makgadikgadi Pan, the remnants of Africa's once-largest lake (as large as Switzerland), and now the largest salt pan in the world, situated in the middle of the dry Savannah region of North Eastern Botswana. Watch this region come alive after the rains, bringing with it hordes of thirsty prey and predator alike. Discover giant baobabs that have thrived and remained untouched for several thousand years. See More >
Botswana - Explore The Selinda Spillway: A Private Game Reserve
Explore The Selinda Spillway: A Private Game Reserve
Enjoy the luxury and quietude of the private wildlife sanctuary located in northern Botswana, but with all of the live game action! The Selinda Spillway is an astoundingly large sanctuary, exclusively serving the preservation of wildlife, meandering its way through the Linyanti and Kwando wetlands and rivers. It is home to a profusion of wildlife at every turn of the head. See More >

Best time to go to Botswana

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Peak ( May - Aug )

The rains have stopped early May and the temperatures dip; crisp days and chilly nights continue till late August, when the mercury starts to rise again. Watering holes are drying up, bringing more and more thirsty game that are easy to spot. The Okavango Delta starts to fill up later in the season, making mokoro rides a delight.

Shoulder ( Apr , Sep - Nov )

Hot dry days and cool nights. Game watching may be restricted in late afternoon, the hottest time of day. April is antelope rutting season, with aggressive displays of head-butting, and October/November is a time of birth, giving rise to predators picking off young ones.

Low ( Dec - Mar )

Intermittent and violent thundershowers bring life and color to the grasslands. Birds abound, and robust young ones give predators a good run for their money; game watching still thrives with lower, more attractive rates at lodges and campsites.

Meet your Botswana Experts

Experience Botswana with a true insider. Get expert advice and on-the-ground support.

Led by two intrepid sisters, these committed professionals have been showcasing Southern Africa for over 20 years now, matching travelers with unique tailor-made experiences in Namibia & South Africa. Backed by a solid team of 17 travel veterans, with a 24/7 emergency contact number, they know how to make your Africa holiday the best and safest it could possibly be, whether it's a safari, a scuba-diving experience or a self-drive holiday through the gorgeous terrain of Southern Africa.

The glorious wilderness of Africa has been home to this intrepid husband and wife horse-safari experts for 50 years, and their wish is you fall in love with it the way they did. Watch wild animals roam in the millions on the vast plains under a magnificent African sky. Enter the magical world and interact with the Bushmen under the expert care of these consummate professionals. For the non-riders among you, they will organize special walking and bird-watching tours as well.

Botswana Trip Ideas

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Horse Safari to Okavango Delta and the Royal Tree Lodge Private Reserve