Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

Just like its other SE Asian compadres, the street food is nothing short of heaven (it is said that Cambodian will eat anything, so watch out for that suspiciously innocuous bag of peanuts you asked for). And of course, no paragraph, book or encyclopedia can suffice to describe Angkor Vat, that jaw-dropping, goose-flesh raising spectacle of still art that tells a million stories and evokes ages and eras and kingdoms and dynasties and faith and devotion beyond human comprehension. Throw in the fact that you may get the best massage in the world for a princely sum of 4 dollars and, well, yes, we can see you tearing up that return ticket.

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CAMBODIA Highlights

Cambodia travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Ruins of Angkor Wat
take the Family on an elephant ride through Angkor Wat
Cambodia - Angkor Thom - The great 12th century Khmer city
Angkor Thom - The great 12th century Khmer city
Tonle Sap Floating Village
Visit Tonle Sap - A Floating Market and birdwatcher's paradise
Ruins of Ta Prohm
Explore The jungle Ruins Of ancient Ta Prohm
Toul Tom Pong Market
Visit Toul Tom Pong - The Eclectic Russian Market.
Unwind the 12th Century temple ruins of Ta Nei
Banteay Srei
The 10th century temple of Banteay Srei: A Beauty in pink stone
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