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Best Things To Do in Cambodia

Cambodia travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Ruins of Angkor Wat
take the Family on an elephant ride through Angkor Wat
Why walk when you can amble along on a giant, gentle beast? This 12th century marvel is the finest representation of Khmer architecture, the world's largest religious monument dedicated to Lord Brahma, and a UNESCO Heritage site. Request our experts for a private guided tour for you and the family, away from the crowds. See More >
Cambodia - Angkor Thom - The great 12th century Khmer city
Angkor Thom - The great 12th century Khmer city
Translated as 'The Great City' in Khmer, this 12th century marvel is home to the magnificent Bayon Temple, and rivals only Angkor Wat in sheer size and beauty. See More >
Tonle Sap Floating Village
Visit Tonle Sap - A Floating Market and birdwatcher's paradise
In flood season, this is the largest freshwater lake in Asia, supporting fishing communities that live on it. Sail past the colourful floating markets and test your bargaining skills with the happy locals selling everything from fresh produce to local artefacts. Have our experts hook you up with a naturalist who will point out the exquisite avian life of the region. See More >
Ruins of Ta Prohm
Explore The jungle Ruins Of ancient Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm, one of the most ancient ruins of Angkor presently stands camouflaged by vast root systems, and crumbling towers. Devoured by sheer wilderness and jungle cover, Ta Prohm is a must visit for travellers with a taste for adventure. Ask our experts for a guided tour of this relic of ancient art, combined with the beauty of raw nature. See More >
Toul Tom Pong Market
Visit Toul Tom Pong - The Eclectic Russian Market.
Take a tour of this mad market named after the largest expat community of the 80s. Among the colourful and vibrant bustle, you will find beautifully hand-carved statues to colorful lanterns and handmade silk scarves, perfect gifts for everyone back home. See More >
Unwind the 12th Century temple ruins of Ta Nei
Situated deep in the forest, these 12th century temple ruins are off the main tourist grid; enjoy your private and exclusive guided tour of these stunning samples of ancient Angkor art, arranged by our experts. See More >
Banteay Srei
The 10th century temple of Banteay Srei: A Beauty in pink stone
Another temple simply not to be missed! This 10th century Shiva temple is considered the finest example of Angkorian art, constructed out of pink stone and carved in breathtaking detail. Despite being one of the smallest temple sites, it more than makes up for it in grandeur. And get this: there is a school of thought that Banteay Srei (literally ‘Citadel of the Women’) may have been built by a woman, as the detail is too rich and elegant to have been done by a man! See More >

Best time to go to Cambodia

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Peak ( Nov - Apr )

This season sees an almost Mediterranean-like weather, with cool temperatures perfect for almost any activity. Christmas is a popular time, so book early. The Tonle Sap lake and river stay full until end-March, making river travel fun. April is the time of the Cambodian New Year, when, despite the rising temperatures and rain, festivities are at an all time high.

Shoulder ( May - Aug , Oct )

Although May – August sees increasing rainfall, it is never in prolonged spells, making it a good time to travel with lesser crowds around temples and other attractions. The tourist trade does not seem to diminish much, as it caters to Europeans on their summer break. Crowds around beaches thin off due to rain.

Low ( Sep )

As seasons go, this is the lowest it gets in Cambodia, when rainfall is the heaviest. It still does not deter travelers, as sights and attractions are still open. Rural areas become difficult to access and beaches are pretty much shut because of the weather.

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