Best Places to Visit in China

This vast country the size of the continental US probably excites more curiosity and debate than any other; you are always left with the impression that you will never really understand it, and travelling through its vast swathes of culture, topography, history, food, architecture and legend might be the only way you can start. From the lofty mists of the Shaolin Temples, to the enigmatic Great Wall that once used sticky rice as mortar to bind the stones, from its fabulous skyscraper cities to its varied cuisines, from its staggering dynasties beyond human recollection to its cutting edge magic-realism movie industry, China will always remain a land of myth that begs to be plumbed.  

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CHINA Highlights

China travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Temple of Heaven
Good Crop Bad Crop
Sichuan Opera
A Night at the Opera
National Stadium, China
A Nest You Wouldn't Leave
xinping village
Time Travel
black buddha cave
Not Just a Hole in the Wall
Yulong River
Life Imitates Art
Moon Hill
Reach for the Moon
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The Red Dragon - A Family Adventure in China