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The Greeks invented the Olympics, olive production, feta cheese, almost all the bloody words in the English language, democracy, mathematics, philosophy, and the joyous art of smashing crockery. Today, they have Europe’s best beaches, bluest seas, whitest buildings, and Ouzo, the continent’s finest moonshine. Sink through its layers of history of valour and tragedy, visit its ancient World Heritage architecture, learn about its mythology, and dig into its food, music, dance, art and culture. Be warned: it might just raise the bar on holiday travel forever.

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GREECE Highlights

Greece travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Cyclades Greece
Tour The Gorgeous Cyclades: Seascapes and architecture
Visit the gorgeous Cyclades. This series of circular islands boast some of the world’s most beautiful white sandy beaches, magnificent medieval chapels and charming restaurants for those long, lazy Greek lunches. See More >
Greece - Antiparos: the azure Aegean and funky limestone caves
Antiparos: the azure Aegean and funky limestone caves
Soak in the seclusion and beauty of Antiparos; snorkel or dive its crystal clear waters and visit the fascinating stalactites and stalagmites of its limestone caves that make up the southern topography of the island. See More >
Greece - Gaze at the Astounding Acropolis as the sun sets in Greece
Gaze at the Astounding Acropolis as the sun sets in Greece
Visit the astounding Acropolis, one of the greatest architectural and artistic complexes of Greece. An awe inspiring sight at sunset, the Acropolis stands as a symbol of the intellectual and spiritual foundation for the contemporary world. See More >
Mt Parnassus Greece
Visit Mount Parnassus, home of Zeus
Drive through Mount Parnassus, a mountain of limestone located in Central Greece that towers above Delphi, surrounded by beautiful olive groves and breathtaking countryside, and home to none other than Zeus. Enjoy a relaxed mountain- bike expedition over its winding, twisty roads. Take a guided tour of Delphi with your very own private historian. See More >
Santorini Greece
Escape to the delightful island in Santorini
Enjoy the most astounding views, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful white washed houses, and an actual active volcano at Santorini, a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek Islands. It is home to white cobblestone streets filled with little shops and taverns, and hotels and cafes perched at the edge of a 400 metre high cliff! See More >
Greece - An expedition through the Ancient forests of Samaria Gorge Canyon
An expedition through the Ancient forests of Samaria Gorge Canyon
Enjoy a long walk through the Samaria Gorge Canyon, declared as the World Biosphere Reserve, and located in Southwest Crete. Witness the ancient fragrant forests of cypresses and pines; cut through vertical cliffs through the mountains to arrive at the Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea. Image Copyrights See More >
Greece - Meteora: Six monasteries on top of several rock pillars
Meteora: Six monasteries on top of several rock pillars
Literally suspended in the air, Meteora, located in Central Greece, comprises a collection of six monasteries situated on top of several rock pillars. One of the most complex constructions in all of Greece, this Eastern Orthodox monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its sheer beauty and stunning location. Image Copyrights See More >
Greece - Mykonos: A stunning cycladic town
Mykonos: A stunning cycladic town
Greece's very own cosmopolitan destination, Mykonos is indeed one of the best tourist attractions in Greece. A stunning cycladic town comprising small streets and steps lanes, it is also home to the ubiquitous beautiful sandy beaches, a diverse and vivid nightlife, and bars and cafes to satisfy every palette. See More >
Patmos Greece
Patmos: The Christian pilgrimage Site
Patmos, is a significant Christian pilgrimage site and is often known as 'The Jerusalem of the Aegean'. It is where St. John completed the last part of 'The Apocalypse of John' Image Copyrights See More >
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