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Best Things To Do in Laos

Laos travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Laos - The Laotian Butterfly Experience
The Laotian Butterfly Experience
This is a research center set up to study about the beautiful and delicate butterflies of Laos. It hosts plants and presevation centers due to the environmental issues in Laos. See More >
Laos - Xieng Khouang- The Mysterious Jars
Xieng Khouang- The Mysterious Jars
This is the most enigmatic attraction in Laos. The main city of Xieng Khouang Province is dotted with mysterious stone jars. Nobody has a clear idea as to why these are there and wher ethey came from. Accoding to some legends, they were made to store rice, according to others, tey were used to store the dead. See More >
Laos - Temple of A Thousand Buddhas
Temple of A Thousand Buddhas
Wat Sisaket is a temple built by Chao Anuvong. It has a cloister wall that contains more than a thousand images of the Lord Buddha. This charming temple is frequented by the locals who come to give offerings. The lovely surrounding verandahs, and five tier roof give this temple a unique look. See More >
Laos - Huay Xai - A ziplining experience like no other
Huay Xai - A ziplining experience like no other
Swing through the tall branches of the country's most pristine forests like the famous black- crested gibbon. This is a series of navigable ziplines that crisscross through the canopy of the forest that is home to tigers, clouded leopards and black bears. See More >
Laos - The Gem Mines of Laos
The Gem Mines of Laos
Bokeo is the gem mine of Laos. The tiniest province in Laos, the major occupation here is panning for gold and digging for gems. It is situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle. See More >
Laos - The Sculpture park of laos
The Sculpture park of laos
This is a famous sculpture park housing more than 200 religiuos statues. It also has a 40 meter high reclining Buddha image. The statues include one of Indra, the king of Hindu gods, a four armed deity seated on a horse, and an artistic deity with 12 faces and many hands, each holding an object. See More >
Laos - Wat Phu - The Mountain Temple of Laos
Wat Phu - The Mountain Temple of Laos
Wat Phu is a mountain temple situated on a hillside. It offers breathtaking views of the Mekong River. The ruined hmer temple complex also has temple pillers, barays, lintels and pediments. See More >
Laos - Kuang Si: Three Tier Falls
Kuang Si: Three Tier Falls
A three tier waterfall, Kuang Si Falls, begin in shallow pools atop a steep hillside, leading to the main fall of a 60 meter cascade. Flowing downstream, the water collects in several turquoise pools. See More >

Best time to go to Laos

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Peak ( Nov - Feb )

Dry and warm throughout the country (although it can get a little cold in the north and on Bolaven Plateau). The river levels are perfect for cruising, and flora/fauna are in abundance. Rates spike and hotels fill up over Christmas and New Year, so book in advance.

Shoulder ( Mar - Jun , Oct )

A little wet but in short spells. Expect blazing hot days, yet pleasant nights. River levels drop a little (nor affecting cruising), and a haze develops over the country as farmers slash-and-burn their fields. Tourists throng, but hotels are easier to find and book. Recommend combining the plains with the cooler Bolaven Plateau, to offset the heat.

Low ( Jul - Sep )

The wet season kicks off in July, peaking in August. Temperatures soar when it is not raining. The rivers start to fill up again and remote areas can be difficult to access. However, towards end-September, the sun begins to peak through, inviting tourists in to enjoy the lush landscape and cascading waterfalls.

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