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Best Things To Do in Mexico

Mexico travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Guerrero Negro
With a pinch of salt
Guerrero Negro is one of the remnants of the British mercantile endeavours. To the ecological travellers, or those returning from whale watching, this colossal natural salt mine, under the open sky, is of great historical relevance. You might ask, “Where does this pacific side marvel gets its name from?” It is named after a ship that sank in the vicinity. See More >
Playa Balandra
A beach getaway
On the eastern side of the peninsula is the secluded beach of Playa Balandra. If clear waters and white sands floats your boat, Balandra is a great place to take a dip and soak up the sun. While doing that if you feel the urge to rent a kayak, it wouldn't be hard to find a good Mexican to help fulfil that desire; as they say in Mexico: para usted señor. See More >
coba city
Coba: Experience cycling in 50 BC
Coba is an ancient city in ruins that presents itself as an open air museum of Mayan architecture. Coba’s vastness and beauty have a way of working on the senses that, most probably, the reason why sellers and hawkers left the vicinity was because they were unable to get the attention of the spellbound tourists. The greatest attraction in Coba is the Ancient Pyramid, which is a stairway to a beautiful view of the entire city enveloped by nature. See More >
Agua Azul
Agua Azul or a splendour in blue
If the joy of photography is about finding the right frame from the chaos, Agua Azrul is a place where any frame is a slice of nature’s magnificence. If you have stumbled upon photographs of the several waterfalls that make up the Agua Azrul, rest assured that the water is as blue as it seems. Besides, the trek through the jungle adds to the lure of diving into the water. See More >
gray whale
Have a whale of a time
Catch the California gray whales as they make a migratory halt on the shores of Magdalena Bay. The bay stretches for 50 kilometres and is home to an enthusiastic folk that leave you with an unforgettable whale watching experience and a taste of authentic salsa with tortillas. What’s better is that the whales are as amiable as the Mexicans, so don't be surprised if the baby whales get a little too friendly. See More >
El Rosario Valley
Valley of butterflies
Globetrotters will be shocked to know that the monarch butterflies are a serious contender for the title of the hardiest travellers. They migrate a distance of over 2000 kilometers, which forced the government into a conservation drive resulting in the setting up of a sanctuary in the El Rosario valley. If you do happen to drop by, you would find much accuracy in Vladimir Nabakov’s claim: “Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man." See More >

Best time to go to Mexico

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Peak ( Dec - Apr )

The primarily dry season makes this a perfect time for a Mexico vacation. Even though technically it's mid-winter, the country enjoys gorgeous sunny days across the land. Whale-watching in Baja California peaks from January to March. Beach activity is at an all time high, on both coasts. Temperatures start to pick up April onwards, but it is still a great time to travel to the Yucatan, Mexico City and all the charming colonial towns.

Shoulder ( May - Jul , Nov )

May, June and July tend to get wet with regular showers, but they are mostly restricted to late afternoon, and hence do not pose a hindrance to travel. If you enjoy less clutter and crowds, better prices, and do not mind the humidity, these shoulder months can make for a perfectly good vacation.

Low ( Aug - Oct )

Hot, stiflingly humid and mostly wet would describe this season. The Pacific Coast sees rainfall that is almost like a monsoon i.e perpetually rained out, and the Gulf Coast is going through its legendary hurricane season. Best avoided,

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