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Best Things To Do in Mongolia

Mongolia travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Mongolia - Explore the varied national parks on horseback or jeep
Explore the varied national parks on horseback or jeep
Mongolian topography boasts incredible deserts, forests and lakes, and all of these terrains are covered by its various magnificent national parks. Check out the Gorkhi Terelj, the Gobi Suivan, and several others on horseback or 4X4s. See More >
Mongolia - The Khan Khentii Wilderness: A Sanctuary of immense beauty
The Khan Khentii Wilderness: A Sanctuary of immense beauty
Explore the Jalman Meadows in the Khan Khentii Wilderness, an area almost entirely devoid of people and one of the only true wilderness regions in Mongolia. You will be awed at the sheer expanse of it (it is three times the size of Yellowstone National Park, and twice as wild!). See More >
Mongolia - Live The Mongolian Herder's Life
Live The Mongolian Herder's Life
Camp out with the traditional herders and nomads; live in traditional gers and yurts for that immersive Mongolian experience. Camping out with the kids and family will never be as unique and fun. See More >
Mongolia - Family fun at the Nadaam Festival
Family fun at the Nadaam Festival
Do not miss this annual 3-day extravaganza that takes place in July. The whole country seems to come out to celebrate this fun-filled fiesta, the main features of which are Mongolian wrestling, archery and dazzling displays of horsemanship. Just like back in the old days of the Great Khans. See More >
Mongolia - Altai: The Nature Reserve Known For Dinosaur Fossils
Altai: The Nature Reserve Known For Dinosaur Fossils
Travel to the magnificent Golden Mountains of Altai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See horses roam free over a stunningly beautiful landscape. Take the kids to a nature reserve that is renowned for its dinosaur fossils and have them play at being palaeontologists. See More >
Mongolia - Being Local: Ride the Bactrian Camel across the Gobi
Being Local: Ride the Bactrian Camel across the Gobi
Don't merely tour Mongolia; live like a true local instead. Get the insider experience of a lifetime: ride the famous Bactrian Camels with the family and kids on a guided tour of the Gobi's best spots, all the while learning about and interacting with camel herders in local gers. See More >
Mongolia - The Cultural Festivals Of Mongolia for the family
The Cultural Festivals Of Mongolia for the family
Visit Mongolia during its calendar of cultural festivals. Tsagaan Sar, Khovsgol Ice Festival, Gobi Camel Festival, Spring Festival, Naadam festival and The Golden Eagle Festival, just to name a few, offer sights and sounds of the true Mongolia you never imagined. Check with our local experts on best times for each, and have them take you on an unique insider-experience that you will never forget. See More >
Mongolia - Meet the fierce eagle-hunters of Ulgil, Altai
Meet the fierce eagle-hunters of Ulgil, Altai
Travel to Ulgil in the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia. Spend time with these proud and gentle folk who hunt with eagles. Kids will be enthralled by these majestic birds, while dad tries a hand at a spot of eagle-whispering! See More >
Mongolia - Wildlife spotting in Mongolia's Magnificent Nature Reserves
Wildlife spotting in Mongolia's Magnificent Nature Reserves
Take the family wildlife spotting in the vast Baga Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve and the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve. Apart from the stunning landscapes characterised by their unique rock formations, spot Mongolia's fauna as they roam wild and free. We promise you, just a sight of their free wild horses will be worth the trip. See More >
Mongolia - Mongolia- One of The World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Destinations
Mongolia- One of The World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Destinations
Mongolia is home to the Yenisai and Amur Rivers, two of the world’s greatest fly fishing adventure destinations. Stunning limestone and granite valleys pave the way for these blue rivers studded with a vast variety of fish ranging from the Siberian trout to the Large Cutthroat. Venture into the wilderness of Mongolia for this perfect family holiday. See More >

Best time to go to Mongolia

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Peak ( Jun - Sep )

Long dry sunny days and crisp nights in June and July. Expect rainfall and cooler temperatures late August and into September. As a rule, always plan for any weather contingency; even in peak season, weather can change abruptly from warm and dry to wet and cold (not uncomfortably so).

Shoulder ( May , Oct )

Expect the warm dry days to suddenly change into cold, wet ones; pack well to anticipate this snap change in weather. Otherwise still a great time to tour Mongolia; prices may be lower than peak season, with less crowds and better accommodation availability.

Low ( Nov - Apr )

The Mongolian winter, when temperatures can drop below severely. Bone-chilling winds and harsh storms. Only the most intrepid tourists, the hardiest of nomads and their faithful Bactrian camels are around at this time.

Meet your Mongolia Experts

Experience Mongolia with a true insider. Get expert advice and on-the-ground support.

Demystifying Mongolia can be a daunting task, but that is what this expat-and-local duo have done for 23 years now, with a clientele 19000 strong that include celebs, royalty and some of the top 100 richest families in the world. Excelling in yak-and-camel supported horseback safaris and treks, snow-leopard expeditions and world-class fly-fishing on two of Mongolia's great rivers, nobody understands this country better than them; their path-breaking efforts to bring tourism to this magnificent country were rewarded by the President of Mongolia in 2011. Even Genghis, the Great Khan, would be proud of them.

Imagine the endless expanses of Mongolia, combine that with 30+ years of horse-riding experience, and you get a saddle-back experience that will be hard to beat. Co-founded by 2 expats (one of who has lived in Mongolia for 16 years), and co-managed by several experienced locals, this team has won presitigious international accolades for their amazing horse safaris and treks through Mongolia. This is the closest you will come to experiencing what it must have been like in the great days of The Khan.

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