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Best Things To Do in Morocco

Morocco travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Morocco desert camel safari
Erg Chigaga On Camel Back: Desert Safari for the Family
Explore the wild dunes of Erg Chigaga with the family and kids on an exclusive camel safari. See More >
Dahla Surfing Morocco
Dakhla: A surfer's paradise in Morocco's desert
Experience the uniqueness of the ocean meeting the desert at Dakhla. The town is a centre for aquatic activities such as kite and windsurfing. Bond with the family over a new skill, or merely unwind in this mecca of sea, sun and sand. See More >
Hot air balloon Morocco Atlas Mountains
Enjoy the Atlas Mountains from A Hot Air Balloon
Enjoy spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains from a hot air balloon; sip champagne as you float over scenic views of majestic snow capped peaks and the nomadic life of the countryside below. See More >
Souks of Morocco
Explore the colourful souks
Enjoy your day as you travel through the souks of Morocco. Explore the large web of shops and craftsmen that decorate the streets. Whether its herbalists or spice sellers, metal workers, tanners, or food markets, the souks have it all. Savour the most delicious dishes with a local food expert who will provide insights into the art of Moroccan cuisine. See More >
Cuisine in Fez Morocco
Savour the Delicious Local Street Food in Fez
Witness the age old crumbling Riads, and enjoy some of the most delectable foods at family celebrations in the private homes of the people of Fez. Visit the Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate), The Tissa Horse Festival, or The Zaouia Moulay Idriss II and enchant yourself with the unique vibe of Morocco. See More >
Morocco Marrakesh Tourist
Marrakesh: A Gateway to Morocco
Marrakech, filled with red sandstone buildings and olive trees, is the ideal destination for anyone curious about Morocco's culture; a one-stop shop lesson about the country. Take a walk through the medina, watch a snake charmer, haggle over a woven carpet, dine on local delicacies, or have a massage in a public bath. No matter where you choose to explore, Marrakech never fails to surprise. See More >
Morocco - Chefchaouen: Fifty Shades Of Blue
Chefchaouen: Fifty Shades Of Blue
Welcome to the city of blue! Take a private guided tour of Chefchaouen, home to beautiful buildings that are painted almost entirely in shades of blue, markets overflowing with handicrafts, and restaurants that dish up delicious Moroccan cuisine. A true-blue Moroccan experience! Image Copyrights See More >
Morocco - Essaouira: Morocco's Go-To Beach Destination
Essaouira: Morocco's Go-To Beach Destination
Experience Essaouira, Morocco's scenic beach destination on the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the beauty of white-washed architecture, try your luck at windsurfing, or observe how Moroccans carve wood and make cabinets. During your time in Essaouira, stay in a Riad, a traditional house converted into a small hotel. See More >
Tangier Market
The colourful markets and culture of Tangier
Travel to the historically enriched Tangier and get lost in the swirl of its colourful markets. See the impact of several civilizations and cultures that have thrived on this land even before the 5th Century BC. This is truly the pearl of the Strait of Gibraltar. See More >

Best time to go to Morocco

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Peak ( Oct - Feb )

Cool, dry days make this the best time to visit Morocco. October is perfect for hiking in the mountains and sunning on the beaches. November-February sees snowfall in the mountains, still perfect for travel if you don't mind lower temperatures; the coast can get windy particularly towards evening, but days are still gloriously sunny.

Shoulder ( Mar - Jun , Sep )

Spring and autumn see milder temperatures in the mountains and on the coast, but spring showers can be expected. September is when the broiling summer ends and temperatures start to dip again as the country edges into its crisp, dry winter months.

Low ( Jul - Aug )

Hot and humid conditions with soaring temperatures see a dwindling of crowds. Many desert activities are still on, but mostly in the early morning and evening, avoiding the peak temperatures of the day. The mountains are relatively cooler, but still a time to avoid if it can be helped. The hot and humid conditions also sees a profusion of insects.

Meet your Morocco Experts

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First off, they created the first ever Ministry of Tourism in Morocco way back in 1965. Then they went ahead and created their own tour company in 1994, using their 4 decades of tourism experience. Since then, 22 years and counting, they have put the style back in Morocco, whether it?s a tour of its history, architecture, culture or food. The best of this flamboyant country served up to you, its wild beating heart and its soft cultural embrace, with the elegance and grace that it deserves. Nobody does it better; just ask the drooling foodie and travel publications of Europe.


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