Best Places to Visit in Morocco

The name literally means ‘the extreme west’, indicative of the western-most Arabic country. Tangiers, Marrakesh, Casablanca are cities that evoke shadowy intrigue, curved daggers, grand Moorish architecture, rugged tribalism, and of course, one of the greatest Hollywood love-stories of all time. Morocco is also home to the world’s first university, bustling marketplaces, ornate mosques, winding alleyways, colourful hustlers, aromatic spices, and architecture stamped with the glory days of Islam. Briefly step into the shoes of Tariq ibn Ziyad, the Muslim commander who stared out at the continent of Europe from Morocco’s watery edge in 700AD, little knowing that one day that huge imposing rock across the strait would be named after him: Jabl al Tariq (Gibraltar).

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MOROCCO Highlights

Morocco travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Morocco desert camel safari
Erg Chigaga On Camel Back: Desert Safari for the Family
Dahla Surfing Morocco
Dakhla: A surfer's paradise in Morocco's desert
Hot air balloon Morocco Atlas Mountains
Enjoy the Atlas Mountains from A Hot Air Balloon
Souks of Morocco
Explore the colourful souks
Cuisine in Fez Morocco
Savour the Delicious Local Street Food in Fez
Morocco Marrakesh Tourist
Marrakesh: A Gateway to Morocco
Morocco - Chefchaouen: Fifty Shades Of Blue
Chefchaouen: Fifty Shades Of Blue
Morocco - Essaouira: Morocco's Go-To Beach Destination
Essaouira: Morocco's Go-To Beach Destination
Tangier Market
The colourful markets and culture of Tangier
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