Best Time To Visit Peru

With very few exceptions, there is always a good time to visit Peru at any time of the year. Low seasons can work best for those wishing lesser crowds and better prices. A shoulder season is often the best time to visit, weather and accommodation-wise. Conversely, the peak season can be the most crowded and expensive times of the year. Always check with your travel expert; their advice on when to go to Peru is invaluable.

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Best time to go to Peru

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Peak ( May - Sep )

Dry season in the Andes and Peru's Amazon rainforest. Enjoy crisp, sunny days up at altitude, in Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and superb trekking opportunities against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. It is also the best time for Amazonian and wildlife explorations as the rains have eased off. An extremely busy time, so you may have to book 8-12 months in advance.

Shoulder ( Mar - Apr , Oct - Nov )

Conditions are still wonderful for travel, although it is not the dry season. The Amazonian basin comes alive with wildlife, particularly orchids.; October/November are superb for rainforest treks. Machu Picchu and Andean hotspots are open but trekking may be challenging. Easter still remains a busy travel period.

Low ( Dec - Feb )

This is the wettest time of year in the Andes and the Amazon. Machu Picchu shuts down completely in February, and the banks of the Amazon spill over, making wildlife spotting untenable. The beaches are still doing fine over this period, but tourist trickle is minimal with the two main attractions (Andes and the Amazon) virtually shut down.

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