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Best Things To Do in Romania

Romania travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Romania - Explore the Ancient arts and crafts traditions of Romania
Explore the Ancient arts and crafts traditions of Romania
Romania personifies creativity and ingenuity with its traditional arts and crafts. Our local experts will arrange for private workshops with various famous artists to help you gain a direct insight into their inspirations and accomplishments. See More >
Romania - Brasov: Fairytales, Myths and legends
Brasov: Fairytales, Myths and legends
There is something whimsically captivating about this ancient town with its cobbled streets, high turrets, lush mountains all around it and a largely laid-back vibe. Legend has it that not only infamous Dracula but also the Pied Piper emerged in Brasov after his famous stunt in Hamlin, making this stunning town even more fairytale-esque! Image Copyrights See More >
Cycling in Romania
A gentle cycle-tour of Romania's Ancient Towns and Villages
Witness the astounding beauty of the Transylvanian Villages as you go on a guided tour specially conducted by our experts, with well-planned pitstops for food and wine. See More >
Oak Forests Rromania
Go On a Truffle Hunt Through The Oak Forests Of Transylvania
The Oak Forests of Transylvania and Southern Romania are the perfect destination for truffle hunts organised with special dogs and a well trained guide. Enjoy long walks in the nature and picnics in the forests; cook up sumptuous meals garnished with the aromatic catch of the day. See More >
Romania - Transfagarasan Highway - The Best Road In The World
Transfagarasan Highway - The Best Road In The World
The best road in the world, as confirmed by Top Gear's Jeremy Clakson. The Transfagarasan Highway, stretching over 2000 miles, is not for the faint-hearted. Even the speediest drivers get dizzy-headed by its heights, drops and swooping turns, but if speed and adventure (and bragging rights) are your cup of tea then a trip to Transfagarasan is must! See More >
Romania - Enjoy Family time at the Wooden Churches of Maramures
Enjoy Family time at the Wooden Churches of Maramures
You cannot leave Romania without a visit to the incredible wooden churches of Maramures. These eight churches showcase a range of designs and types of craftsmanship (narrow, tall, timber clock-tower constructions) typically found in this mountainous region of northern Romania. Image Copyrights See More >
Romania - Merry Cemetery - The Happiest Cemetery In The World
Merry Cemetery - The Happiest Cemetery In The World
In the little village of Sapanta, in Maramures, hidden away in ever-surprising Romania, you will find one of the world's most unique and happiest cemeteries. The Merry Cemetery is filled with over eight hundred vivid blue crosses carved out of oak, each telling stories of the lives and deaths of the villagers through colorful paintings and epitaphs. Image Copyrights See More >
Romania - Visit the Statue of Decebalus - The Last Dacian King
Visit the Statue of Decebalus - The Last Dacian King
The larger-than-life Statue of Decebalus is perched above the Danube; at 40-meters tall, it the tallest monument in Europe. Decebalus was the last Dacian King and fought against the several Roman emperors in order to preserve the independence of his country, which later corresponded to modern day Romania. See More >
Romania - Moldavi: jaw-dropping 15th Century byzantine Churches.
Moldavi: jaw-dropping 15th Century byzantine Churches.
These eight meticulously painted and well preserved churches, built between the late 15th and 16th century and inspired by Byzantine art, will blow your mind and really enrich your Instagram account. The beautiful wall art tactfully represents cycles of religious themes, and the consistency of the color scheme perfectly compliments the surrounding countryside. See More >
Romania - Visit the Fortified Medieval Town of Sighisoara
Visit the Fortified Medieval Town of Sighisoara
Founded by the Saxons of Transylvania, Sighişoara is a small, fortified medieval town with a quaint and surreal fairy-tale atmosphere. Filled with quaint, colorful cafes lining the narrow cobbled street, this tiny town is all things wonderful. The Festival of Medieval Art takes place here every July, and it's a time of absolute merriment, bursts of color and barrels of alcohol! Image Copyrights See More >
Romania - Dracula's Castle - Need We say more?
Dracula's Castle - Need We say more?
You didn't need us to tell you about this, but we insist you do not miss a trip to the lovely and slightly macabre Dracula's Castle or Bran Castle, a 13th-century palace near Brasov in Transylvania. According to a myth, this castle is the home of the title character in Bram Stoker's Dracula, inspired by Vlad the Impaler, a real-life bloodthirsty prince of medieval Wallachia. See More >

Best time to go to Romania

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Peak ( Jun - Sep )

Summer is in full swing, and although it can get very hot in August and September, it still is a great time for hiking the countryside and exploring the medieval cities. The north (Maramures) may enjoy more pleasant conditions than the south of the country.

Shoulder ( Apr - May , Oct )

Milder temperatures, lesser crowds and more hotel availability make this a lovely time to tour the country. It may rain in October, but that is unpredictable and never in large spells.

Low ( Nov - Mar )

Technically the low season, owing to chilly temperatures. Outdoor activities like trekking, biking and horse-riding almost cease, but the cities are still good to visit, with virtually no crowds and rock-bottom prices. Christmas is quite festive, and December to February is peak skiing season for powder-lovers.

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