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Best Things To Do in Thailand

Thailand travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Thailand - Khao Sok National Park - Elephant Safaris
Khao Sok National Park - Elephant Safaris
Explore Khao Sok National Park (southern Thailand) and its thick native rainforest, waterfalls, majestic limestone cliffs and an island-dotted lake. Unmissable highlights of the park are the elephant rides and canoe trips through the spectacular waters early in the morning. Image Copyrights See More >
Thailand - Chiang Mai - Thailand's arts and crafts' capital
Chiang Mai - Thailand's arts and crafts' capital
Chiang Mai is the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. A calm, serene and tranquil city, this centre of Thai traditional arts and crafts it is the perfect holiday destination for leisurely wandering, its marvellous temple complexes, and its top-drawer restaurants. We recommend day-trips to the rich forests that ring this beautiful town. See More >
Thailand - Visit The Amphora Floating Market By The Mae Khlong (Mekong) River
Visit The Amphora Floating Market By The Mae Khlong (Mekong) River
Visit the Amphora Floating Market situated by the Mae Khlong River (which becomes the Mekong as it flows into Vietnam), open exclusively on weekends. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of a water-borne market with its additional side-streets of quaint shops and tiny cafes that serve coffee and sumptuous Thai snacks. Image Copyrights See More >
Sukhothai Thailand
A walk through Sukhothai - Former Kingdom Of Siam
Visit the historic park of Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which formerly housed the palaces and all the temples of the Kingdom of Siam. Situated in central Thailand, this beautifully restored and preserved historic park is a must-visit for all history and architecture buffs. See More >
Thailand - Chatuchak Market - one of the world's largest markets
Chatuchak Market - one of the world's largest markets
You can spend an entire day browsing through one of the world's largest markets, the famous Chatuchak, in the heart of Bangkok. You will find absolutely anything that you might be looking for, from vintage car accessories to exotic pets - nothing is off-limits at Chatuchak, a true a shopaholic's haven. See More >
Thailand - Ayuthaya Historic Park - gilded temples and ancient treasures
Ayuthaya Historic Park - gilded temples and ancient treasures
Wander through the historic Ayuthaya Park, a UNESCO Heritage Park, and prepare to be mesmerised by its ancient wonders. Once one of the world's wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities (second only to Sukhothai, Siam's ancient capital), Ayuthaya's gilded temples and treasures could be seen sparkling from miles away. Today, most of the areas have been restored, allowed visitors a glimpse into the beauty that it was. See More >
Thailand - Spectacular Phuket - sailing, diving and endless beaches
Spectacular Phuket - sailing, diving and endless beaches
Explore the pristine waters of Phuket as you sail around the picturesque Islands of Rang and Kai. Snorkel or dive these beautiful waters, discover the exotic marine life around Kai Island and soak up the sun on its white sand beaches. Image Copyrights See More >
Bangkok Thailand
Experience the Thrilling bustle of Bangkok
Get lost in the marvelous and bustling capital city of Bangkok, be it day or night. From street markets to large shopping malls, from an array of temples and cultural sites to a vibrant and thrilling nightlife, there is something to satisfy every palate. See More >

Best time to go to Thailand

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Peak ( Nov - Feb )

The weather is cool and dry after the monsoon, the beaches are sunny and packed, and the cities are booming with shopping. Over Christmas, things go into overdrive, so plan in advance. The great weather continues all over the country until February, including the hilly north (where it can get a little chilly at night).

Shoulder ( Mar - Jun , Oct )

The heat begins to build up after March, so crowds lessen and hotel availability increases. April is the month of Songkran (Thai New Year) when things get busy briefly. By May the heat is on, but tourism is still alive, availing of attractive shoulder rates. June is when things start to taper off; thundershowers can be expected all over the country. Only Koh Samui continues to enjoy sunshine. October is a good shoulder month right after the rains, and just before peak season.

Low ( Jul - Sep )

Rains hit every part of the country, from the beaches to the mountains and all over the interior. Koh Samui still sees some tourist traffic in July, which also disappears by August. September is the wettest month of the year. Tourism resumes mid-October onwards.

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