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Best Things To Do in Tibet

Tibet travel highlights for families, couples and other travelers.

Tibet - Sacred Yamdrok Yutso Lake
Sacred Yamdrok Yutso Lake
Sacred Yamdrok Yutso Lake serves as a talisman supporting the life-spirit of the Tibetan nation. Enjoy a scenic drive to this enchanting lake and spend some time unwinding by its shore and soaking in the picturesque views.  See More >
Tibet - Everest - the foothills of the world's mightiest peak
Everest - the foothills of the world's mightiest peak
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to camp near the famous Rongbuk Monastery, located at the foot of the mighty Mt. Everest.   See More >
Tibet - Lake Mansarover - sacred and breathtaking
Lake Mansarover - sacred and breathtaking
This may be one of the most breath-taking spots on planet earth. Lake Manasarover is extremely sacred and insanely beautiful. Be blown away by its magical views and sheer expanse.  See More >
Tibet - Tashi Lhunpo Monastery - a 15th century marvel
Tashi Lhunpo Monastery - a 15th century marvel
Located in the heart of Shidatse, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery was built in 1447 by the 1st Dalai Lama. The moastery is one of the largest functioning religious institutions in Tibet and of extreme cultural and historical importance.  See More >
Tibet - Samye Monastery - Birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism
Samye Monastery - Birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism
Explore the first monastery to be built in Tibet and the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. With striking surroiundings and filled with ancient frescos, sculptures and prayer wheels, this monastery takes you back in time.  See More >
Tibet - Sera Monastery - Witness The Debating Monks
Sera Monastery - Witness The Debating Monks
Witness first hand, the monks of Sera Monastery, one of the most important in Tiber, as they engage in debates in the courtyard. Watch the seniors monks fire questions at the junior monks about Tibetan scriptures and culture. An interesting and unique experience.  See More >
Tibet - Gyantse Dzong - The 14th Century Fort
Gyantse Dzong - The 14th Century Fort
Visit Gyantse Dzong, a fort dating back to the 14th century, and Gyantse Kumbum, a large gold-domed stupa whose many small chapels house an impressive array of Tibetan Buddhist murals. See More >
Tibet - Potala Palace - Dalai Lama's Former Residence
Potala Palace - Dalai Lama's Former Residence
The world's highest palace and former residence of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace is truly a symbol of Tibet. A wonderland filled with the best of Tibetan history, the palace limits the numbers of visitors, daily,but is a must-visit when traveling to Tibet. See More >
Tibet - Jokhang Temple - Tibet's Most Sacred spot
Jokhang Temple - Tibet's Most Sacred spot
The most sacred of all places in Tibet, Jokhang Temple invites pilgrams from all over Tibet and the world. No trip to Tibet is complate without a visit to Jokhang Temple, where you can witness the pilgrims lying prostrate in front on the temple floor.  See More >
Tibet - Bakhor Street - Tibet's iconic market
Bakhor Street - Tibet's iconic market
Stroll the bustling Bakhor Street and after your visit to Jokhang Temple and haggle hard with the local vendors that inhabit this street market. Find the most unique artefacts, crafts and souveniors in these local stalls. You are bound to leave with your hands full. See More >
Tibet - Lhasa - The Capital City
Lhasa - The Capital City
Wander the mystical capital city of Lhasa and soak in its cultural highlights, which will give you a keen insight into the lives of the most peaceable people on planet earth, in their magical lofty mountainscapes. See More >

Best time to go to Tibet

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Peak ( Sep - Oct )

The rainy season is over and autumn colors begin to flood the landscape. Days are long, sunny and crisp. October sees maximum tourism, so plan in advance.

Shoulder ( Apr - Aug )

April is when Tibet slowly comes out of its winter, heralding the start of tourism. Expect clear skies and great views of wintery landscapes, with snow-capped mountains and thawing lakes. Temperatures continue to rise through May. June to August is the wet season, which may mean cloudy days and impaired views on mountain treks, but the countryside is lush and green, still attracting tourists.

Low ( Nov - Mar )

Winter sets in and the landscape freezes over. Hard-core trekkers will still use this time to avail of rock-bottom rates. Many mountain passes may be closed. January is the windiest months. The Tibetan New Year is celebrated in February, which is a 15-day celebration, but in the past the Chinese Government has often refused visas during this period. The thaw starts only early-April onwards.

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These boys have been showcasing the magnificent Himalayas from the seat of a mountain bike for near on 30 years. It helps that they are also highly trained and accomplished athletes who have won several mountain triathalons and tourism awards over the years. Their motto: To go deeper and deeper into the heart of Nepal's terrain and people, is what they strive to do, luring you onto trails few bikers have ever ridden. The true-blue immersive Himalayan experience: no saddle-junkie should pass this up.

The roof of the world can be a tricky place to negotiate, which is why this company was created back in 1997 to guide you up and down its slippery slopes and take you straight into the beating heart of its culture. Tibetan owned and operated, this is the Kingdom?s leading adventure travel company. Almost two decades of excellence in the business have got them prominent mention in the top travel publications of the world.

Showcasing the magnificent Himalayas has been their passion since 1990. After 26 years of creating world-class itineraries covering trekking, biking, archeological and wildlife trips, their sterling reputation made them to go-to guys for Werner Herzog, the legendary documentary film-maker, in 2002. The company has pioneered several interesting forms of travel throughout Nepal.The praise has been unfailingly flattering, so line up for the best experience of this formidable and breath-taking part of the world, with these experts.

18 years and counting and over 15,000 travellers, and this is only the beginning for this intrepid team of Himalayan experts led by a pioneering entrepreneur of Nepal Tourism, for whom nothing is impossible. They are continuously pioneering new activities like high-altitude sky-dives, endurance races and death-defying collaborations with Discovery Channel. Recipients of numerous local and international awards and citations, they have even served on the country's official tourist board. Sign up. The Himalayas just got a whole lot easier.

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