How is Tripifini different than other travel websites?

Our brand promise is to facilitate life-changing travel for our customers.To achieve that, we built a platform that disrupts the typical (and sometimes onerous) travel “value chain” in three important ways:

(1)Rather than spend weeks researching what you want to do, we curated hundreds of the world’s best trips to inspire you, all easy to customize to your dates and individual specifications, and book through the site;

(2)Rather than hoping you find a good local operator in an unfamiliar country and culture, Tripifini guarantees a best-in- class ground team that will give you the exact experience you are looking for;

(3) And finally, by removing the middle man we save you mark-up fees and the hassle of dealing with a reseller.

How can I be sure the operator selection is top notch?

Tripifini’s founder-partners have more than 20 years of tour operator expertise and have meticulously built up a network of operators/ground specialists all over the globe. These operators are added to the Tripifini platform by invitation only - our goal is to do the filtering for you so you know from the start you are working with experts on the ground who are dedicated to providing the best possible travel experience.

Tripifini operators have a minimum 5 years experience running their business, have won industry awards and accreditations, and have been personally interviewed by the Tripifini team to ensure they meet the highest quality standards in terms of customer service and safety. Finally, we solicit customer feedback to ensure the experience is as-described, and that quality is consistently maintained.

How does Tripifini connect me with an operator? Do I get to meet my operator before I take my trip?

As soon as you make an inquiry about a specific trip, our customer service team will forward your request to the host operator to confirm availability and customize your itinerary.   We will also help facilitate phone/email/Skype communications with your operator to answer any questions you may have as your trip plans come together. And once an itinerary is finalized, we make sure that all parties have necessary contact information so you can easily communicate directly.

What are the customization options?

Every trip can be customized by number of travelers, travel dates, itinerary, and travel details, as arranged through the operator and (if necessary) a Tripifini concierge.

Are these group trips?

Group trips are usually large tours that have specific travel dates and itineraries that are not customizable. Tripifini does not currently offer group trips, rather, every experience booked through Tripifini is custom to your dates, your travelers, your itinerary.

Are these trips appropriate for children?

Tripifini has many trips that are indeed suitable for children. If you are not sure if a trip allows (or is suitable for) children, review the Trip details section and you will see an icon and the words “Children Allowed”. If you have any questions about whether a trip is suitable for children you can also contact the operator directly, or work with a Tripifini concierge for details.

How early should I book a trip?

Because some trips fill up and there is definitely some work involved in booking all of the accommodations and activities for some itineraries, we recommend you start your process at least 4 months ahead of travel. For some trips you will want to book even earlier.

Are the prices listed for tour final?

The prices listed are estimated prices and are intended to give you a good budget indicator.  A final price will depend on such things as what time of year you are traveling, how many people are in your party, and the exact accommodations booked.

How is payment handled?

Once you have finalized all details of your trip with your local operator, we forward you a final “Tour Itinerary” and “Price”  together with a travel agreement from the operator.   You will then be able to pay for the trip via credit card through our secure online payment system.  Tripifini handles all of the payment processing from there.

Do I have to pay for the whole trip immediately?

The amount of payment due upon booking can vary based on the operator, the type of trip and accommodations included, and how close you are to the travel dates when you book.  Our standard policy is that a 50% deposit is booking 90 days or more out.  If less than 90 days, 100% is due. For more details on our booking policy CLICK HERE.

Does the quoted price include airfare?

We have intentionally not included international flights, as each of you will fly to the start-point mentioned in the itinerary from different cities. Moreover we know each of you has a different favorite airline, so we leave getting there up to you.

Does Tripifini honor any discounts for big groups traveling, or through certain credit cards, etc.?

Tripfini is offering a 10% travel discount to our first 50 beta testers who book travel before December 31, 2016. We also offer travel discounts of up to 50% off the quoted price for trip organizers who plan a trip for 8 or more people. Finally, the benefits of being an early beta tester has its rewards - so sign up and stay tuned for other offers!

Where can I get more information about visa requirements?

The Center For Disease control provides a good vacciation planning tool: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ You should consult your physician for more specific guidance.

What happens when I land at my destination?

Most of our trips include airport pick ups.  Your operator will confirm exact details of where and how to meet your driver .

What if I have to cancel a trip?

Life happens and sometimes you have to make changes to a trip.  If you need to cancel we have a standard booking and refund policy stated here. In general we do our best to refund amounts that we can have refunded to us, but once within a certain timeframe it can be impossible to receive refunds on items like accommodations, activities, and guides since schedules are planned around your trip. To cover unexpected circumstances, we highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance - it’s a very worthwhile investment to protect your trip of a lifetime.

What if I have an emergency on the trip?

We highly recommend travel insurance from our partner World Nomads. Policies can cover not only medical emergencies and repatriation for you as a traveler, but they can also cover you in the event you have to return home because of the death of a relative or other extreme circumstances. Please check your specific policy to see what is covered, but  trip insurance for exotic trips is a great investment.

How can I reach Tripifini if I have an issue while traveling?

Our contact information is included on your final itinerary, which is sent to you once your trip is confirmed. In addition to all your important trip details, each itinerary includes your operator’s contact information, as well as our email and phone contact information. If you have Internet access on your trip, you can also easily reach us through the Contact Us form on the site.