The Quaint Town Of Swakopmund

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Be mesmerized by the spectacular moon landscape of Swakopmund and witness the unique German architecture and learn about the histroy of this quaint town.

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Namibia - The Red Dunes Of Sossusvlei
The Red Dunes Of Sossusvlei
Located in the Southern part of Namib Desert, this salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes is a marvelous sight. Have the chance to enjoy a magical morning as you marvel these wonderous gigantic dunes from your very own hot air balloon. 
Namibia - Stroll the Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve
Stroll the Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve
Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve is the smallest game park in Namibia. It is known for allowing visitors to walk freely through the reserve as compared to being confined to a vehicle. It hosts an abundance of wildlife and has 2 wll marked hikind trails.
Namibia - Spitzkoppe - beauty in granite
Spitzkoppe - beauty in granite
One of the most photographed locations of Namibia, Spitzkoppe is a group of bald granite rock formations that rise 1,784 metres above sea level. A famous camping spot, with beautiful views and the chance to sleep under a sky filled with stars. 
Namibia - Shark Island Concentration Camp - a slice of history
Shark Island Concentration Camp - a slice of history
One of the five concentration camps located in Namibia, sits on Shark Island. With a highly significant spot in histroy, the Shark Island Concentration Camp was used by the German Empire during the Herero and Namaqua genocide. 
Namibia - Fish River Canyon - Africa's Largest Canyon
Fish River Canyon - Africa's Largest Canyon
Soak in the mesmerizing views at Fish River Canyon, the largest in Africa and one of the most visited sites in Namibia. Located in the far south end of Namibia, Fish River Canyon is ridiculously beautiful and an absolute delight for hiking enthusiasts. 
Namibia - Twyfelfontein - Rock Art Engravings
Twyfelfontein - Rock Art Engravings
View fascinating rock engravings at Twyfelfontein, a prehistoric art gallery and World Heritage Site. The rock art engravings and paintings in Twyfelfontein form a coherent and extremely detailed record of ritual practices related to hunter-gather communities  from over at least two millennia.
Namibia - Christ Church - a historical landmark
Christ Church - a historical landmark
Explore this marvelous historic landmark and Lutheran church in the heart of Windhoek, Namibia. Dating back to 1907, Christ Church was built after the wars between the Germans and the Khoikhoi, Herero, and Ovambo.
Namibia - The Big-Five At Etosha National Park
The Big-Five At Etosha National Park
View the big-five at the Etosha National Park on a private safari. One of the best game reserves in Africa, it is a reknowned breeding ground for flamingos and home to everything from lions, elephants and black rhinos to  giraffes.
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