Our Travel Experts


Tripifini's founders have 20 years of their own experience in guiding customers through South Asia, and during that time have developed a global network of luxury and adventure operators. Operators are added to our platform by invitation only. Our goal is to do the filtering for you - so you know from the start you are working with experts who are dedicated to great customer experiences.

We have known many of our operators for years. Many have been honored by National Geographic, Conde Naste Traveler and other leading publications, and all are committed to customer service.

Key Selection Criteria

Tripifini carefully selects local travel experts based on their experience, awards, customer service and reputation.

  • Industry Reputation

Our team has deep roots and 2 decades of experience in the travel world, and has picked operatorsbased on their  industry reputation and trade accolades.

  • Experience

We look for operators with at least 5 years of operating history, but most average 10 or more years with stellar track records for customer service and safety.

  • Direct Source

We connect you to the actual provider of the experience on the ground - not a reseller.

  • Customer Feedback

 We continuously evaluate feedback from travelers - only operators with top marks are maintained on the platform.

Here Is A Sample List Of The Operators On Tripifini

Meet Your Turkey Experts

Sail the breath-stopping beautiful coast of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean under the loving care of seasoned experts who have been traversing these azure waters for near on 60 years, and have refined their craft to high art. Currently the team is headed by an expert who has been planning trips for 35 years. Being an avid sailor and captain himself, we could not put you in better hands. Surrender yourself to these experts, for an experience that has been rhapsodized in some of the world's top food and travel publications.

Meet Your Himalayan Mountains & Rivers Expert

After 25 years of trekking this beautiful and formidable landscape and rafting its fierce rivers, this dynamic and accomplished rafter/trekker owner has led his company to the forefront of adventure travel in the Indian Himalayas; the Indian government has opened up access to some of the country's most remote areas based on consultations with him. The best equipment, uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service and an impeccable safety record makes him the go-to guy for even a family trip with your 6 year old. Accolades have poured in over the years, as have numerous global and local Adventure Travel Awards and citations.

Meet Your Central America Expert

North America

The founder of this prestigious pan-Central America company is, first and foremost a diplomat; she discovered her passion for designing luxury travel while working in New York as a representative of Costa Rica at the UN. Being of Nicaraguan heritage, it did not take her long to include all of her beloved Central America into her impressive inventory of exclusive customized travel experiences. They have been operating at a top level of efficiency in luxury travel for almost 20 years now; look no further when planning your next Central America getaway.

Meet Your SE Asia Expert


The team has over 20 years of tourism-industry experience in SE Asia, be it hotels or planning new experiences for discerning travellers. Ably led by a well-traveled lady with 15 years of industry experience herself, the 1000 satisfied customers every year include CEOs, high-ranking politicians and statesmen from major countries. Call them for your finest insider experiences across Vietnam and Thailand.