Arugam Bay: Take a Surfing Lesson With the Family

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Discover Arugam Bay on the Indian Ocean, situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s southern coast, famed for its finest surfing spot in the country. Lovely Arugam Bay is a small town with a population of few hundred and consists of a single main street running parallel to the beach filled with cafes, shops, surfboard rentals and offbeat architecture. Arugam lures tourists from all over the world with its world-class surfing adventures and legendary beach parties. In case if you are not into surfing, rejoice in the beachfront guesthouses or relish the freshest catch in the seaside restaurants. Explore the local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and the nearby Kumana National Park on your visit to Arugam. Take the kids for surfing lessons or merely spend your day lounging on its picture-perfect beaches.

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Galle, Sri Lanka, Galle Fort. Galle Light House
Galle Fort: Get A Tour of Galle Fort With a Reputed Historian
Galle is a historic city on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, brimming with Dutch-fashioned buildings, grand mansions and ancient religious spots, but the jewel of the city is, hands down, the Galle Fort. One of the principal landmarks of the city, Galle Fort was constructed back in the 16th century by the Portuguese, which was later heavily fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century. Take a guided tour of this historical and archaeological wonder, led by a fourth generation resident-historian, and gain deep insights into the ancient culture, history and tradition of this fascinating UNESCO site. Galle Fort suffered damage during the 2004 Tsunami, but was reconstructed and infused with all its original charm intact, thanks to the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. Learn about the details of all historical events right from the time when Portuguese entered the land up until the time English left, as your host walks you through its chequered and glorious past.
Polonnawura, Sri Lanka
The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa: Visit Sri Lanka's Most Celebrated Heritage Site
The second most ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa once served as Sri Lanka’s medieval capital. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage status, Polonnaruwa was ruled for almost 800 years ago during which it was a thriving economic and religious centre. The glories of the age-old empire can still be found in the many archaeological treasures scattered around. Travel through the ruins and delight yourself by exploring the remnants of this beautiful ancient kingdom, with its hundreds of tombs, temples and stupas. You have the option of learning about the kingdom’s ancient history and culture through expert guided tours. Currently, Polonnaruwa is undergoing a major development project called, “Awakening of Polonnaruwa” and promises to throw more time-honored wonders to its visitors.
Sri Lanka - Colombo: Get An Exclusive Tour of Colombo With a Prominent Historian
Colombo: Get An Exclusive Tour of Colombo With a Prominent Historian
Colombo, being the capital and also the largest metropolis of Sri Lanka, handles the majority of the country’s foreign trade and also hosts one of the largest artificial harbors in the world. A huge, sprawling city, Colombo was ruled by the Dutch, Portuguese and British for many centuries, which is still evident in its colonial architecture. The cosmopolitan side of the city is wonderfully represented of trendy eateries, galleries and boutique shops along with heavenly local food served and tiny, convivial cafes. With many high-rises and shopping malls transforming the city’s skyline, Colombo is a must-see-and-spend-time stop in Sri Lanka, and given its tropical climate, it can be explored right through the year. Walk through the oldest streets of Colombo with the charismatic historian Mark Forbes, as he gives you vivid and entertaining insights into the intriguing past and present of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka - The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Kandy: Experience An Exclusive Naturalist Tour By An Acclaimed Botanist
The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Kandy: Experience An Exclusive Naturalist Tour By An Acclaimed Botanist
The Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens is a little haven located approximately 3 miles from the city of Kandy at an elevation of 1500 feet above sea level, that has consistently mesmerized visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Boasting a perfect Mediterranean climate, this botanical garden attracts almost 2 million visitors annually. Renowned for its fine collection of orchids, the Peradeniya is also home to more than 4000 plant species, most notably several exotic varieties of palm, the exceptional, Cannonball Fruit tree and the 130 foot high Burma Bamboo. Another notable highlight is the giant Javan Fig tree, with a massive trunk and umbrella-like canopy branches. Stroll through this lush botanical reserve amid the many wing-flapping fruit bats and hundreds of monkeys, followed by quirky and short lesson of the area by the botany-expert, Professor Palipana, who will truly bring to life all the beauty that you see around you.
Sri Lanka - A Master Chef Lesson in Galle: Sail the Kapuela River and Learn To Cook Sri Lankan Delicacies
A Master Chef Lesson in Galle: Sail the Kapuela River and Learn To Cook Sri Lankan Delicacies
Enjoy a scenic and peaceful boat ride down the Kapu Ela River in the beautiful countryside of Galle, accompanied by a local naturalist who enlightens you about the region’s amazing flora and fauna as you pass along. Soak in the tropical ambience of the region, and explore the rubber and tea plantations and village settlements which gives you a keen insight into the everyday life of these indigenous communities. After a 3 hour boat ride, hop on a bike and enjoy a 4 mile picturesque ride that takes you through the lush paddy fields, narrow mud roads and local markets before ending up in your cozy home-stay in a local village. Refresh yourself with cups of herbal tea as you learn the art of making flavorsome Sri Lankan delicacies in a clay stove with a local master chef. Enjoy this authentic feast comprising of eight different dishes served in a lotus leaf, which you will have helped prepare and know enough to vow the folks back home.Image Copyrights
Udawalawe National Park, Elephant, Wildlife, Safari, Luxury Camping
Udawalwe National Park: A Luxurious Family Safari Among Elephants
Enjoy an exclusive and luxurious safari through the famous Udawalawe National Park, largely known for its nesting water birds and large herds of wild elephants. Sprawling over 30,000 hectares of landmass, this national park was established in 1972 in order to habitat the wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe reservoir on the Walawe river. Udawalawe is largely comprised of grasslands and dense bushes and enjoys being one of the finest spots in the world for elephant spotting, even surpassing many of the national parks in Africa. Apart from the massive population of elephants, this wildlife reserve is also home to fishing cat, leopard, sloth bear, water buffalo and golden jackals along with a myriad of exotic bird species. Udawalawe, truly is a must-visit for the adventurer and nature-lover in you.
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, Stupa, Architecture,
Wonder Through the Ruins Of Anuradhapura, an UNESCO Heritage Site
Once a major center of civilization in Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura now is a sacred city well-known for its perfectly preserved ruins situated in the North Central province of the country. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a treasure trove filled with archaeological and architectural marvels, making it one of the most evocative sights of southern Asia. The present complex consists of an extravagant collection of enormous dagobas (brick stupas), ancient pools, decaying temples and preserved edifices that were built almost a thousand years ago. Interestingly, there are many archaeological excavations being discovered and carried out in these ruins, making it a must-stop for any history buff. Anuradhapura, was once a prominent center of Buddhism for many centuries, but its current day avatar is that of a small, pleasant town with a relaxed pace, making it a great day-escape.
Sri Lanka - Jaffna City: The Rebirth of Sri Lanka's Beautiful North East
Jaffna City: The Rebirth of Sri Lanka's Beautiful North East
Jaffna is a haven for all culture and history buffs, which has emerged into its own after the unfortunate civil war. Located on the northern tip of the country, this historic and culturally rich town boasts 1448 Hindu temples, some of them illustrating lavish golden arches, followed by the Portuguese built, star-shaped Jaffna fort, several important Buddhist sites, and crumbling colonial villas and museums preserving pre-colonial artefacts. Prior to the Sri Lanka civil war, Jaffna was the second highest inhabited city after the capital, Colombo. Fortunately, things have changed and Jaffna has happily emerged from its days of isolation and past history, welcoming visitors warmly with its many compelling attractions. Wander through its palm-shaded, colonial streets and breathe in the history, heritage and culture of Tamilian Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka - Kandy: Enjoy A Train Ride Through the Tea Plantations of Sri Lanka
Kandy: Enjoy A Train Ride Through the Tea Plantations of Sri Lanka
Enjoy a scenic and luxurious ride to a tea plantation in Kandy on a quaint narrow gauge train, a ride guaranteed to stir up evocative images of a colonial past. This tour takes you through the famous Hanthana Tea Plantation, offering breathtaking views of the brilliant green carpets of tea fields with a backdrop of distant green mountains. Observe different types of tea varieties that our guide will help you in identifying, and spot numerous tea pluckers throughout your ride who manage to collect almost 20 Kg of tea leaves each, in a single day. While there, be sure to visit the famous elephant orphanage of Pinnawala, a haven and sanctuary for Sri Lanka's gentle pachyderms (the kids will love it!).
Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka
The Sigiriya Rock Fortress: Sri Lanka's Most Dramatic Historic Site
Trek up to Sri Lanka’s most dramatic archaeological site of Sigiriya, which still exemplifies the ruins of an ancient kingdom, carved almost entirely out of bedrock. Awarded the world heritage status by UNESCO, the key highlight of Sigiriya is its colossal column of rock almost 660 feet high that still preserves the remnants of the ancient civilization and a ruined kingdom. Climb a series of steep staircases that has been attached to the near-vertical walls, leading you to the top-flat summit. Marvel at the early frescoes and unique carvings en route to the top and enjoy the splendid vistas of the misty and verdant forests from the summit. Adding much to the star appeal of Sigiriya is the surrounding landscape of lush gardens, ponds, fountains and cave shrines, thus packing both, culture and ethereal natural beauty all in one.
Sri Lanka - Adams' Peak: Sri Lanka's Most Iconic Adventure Trek
Adams' Peak: Sri Lanka's Most Iconic Adventure Trek
Visit Adam’s peak, a massive conical mountain standing at 7350 feet high, located in the southern regions of the Central Highlands. This soaring summit has been one of the country’s most striking landmarks and a focus for pilgrimages of four faiths for over 1000 years. Largely surrounded by forested hills, it is home to a wildlife reserve housing many species varying from elephants to the leopards. Over the years, Adam’s peak has garnered a mass of legends centered around its enigmatic 6 foot footprint, called ‘Sri Pada’, and thought by many Buddhists to be the footprint of Lord Buddha himself, when he headed up to his heavenly paradise. Similarly, the Islamic and Christian cultures claim this as the footprint of Adam, when he first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven. However, as per Hindu tradition, this footprint is said to be that of Lord Shiva. Apart from the folklore surrounding it, Adam’s Peak surely remains worth a climb just for the sheer beauty of the place alone.

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